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Ravens vs Skins


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I know it's just a preseason game, but it would be realy be nice to win this one.

I live close to Baltimore, and too many Raven fans. I work with a bunch of Raven fans, and I'm the only Redskin fan.

Baltimore fans hate the Redskins and never stop trash talking.

I have already had 2 phone calls Sunday to tell how bad the Skins are. "Skins will be luckey to win 3 games this year"

"SS is not a NFL coach"

"Snyder is a jerk"

"Ramsey sucks"

and on and on and on.

Along with all the talk about how great the Ravens are.

"greatest Defense ever"

"this team could be better than the SB team"

"the QB they drafted (I forget his name) has the strongest arm ever (Ramseys arm is weak in comparison), and will end up the greatest QB ever to play the game"

And on and on and on.

Baltimore fans are the worst.

I'm sick of it already, and we have only played 2 preseason games.

To win this game would be sooooo nice!


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I have to laugh everytime a Ratbird fan calls Snyder a jerk. I guess you have to stuff your pockets with tax payer money, cheat the city out of what's rightfully theirs and move a franchise over pure greed to be a universally accepted NFL franchise owner :finger:

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Believe me, I suffered the same crap from Raven fans for years.

Even when they won the super bowl, we beat them that year

and every chance I got I rubbed it in their faces. It was beautiful

to see #48 run over Ray Lewis to score the only TD of the game!

Raisins fans love Ray Lewis. Well, I can't stand them and they

are neck and neck with cowgirls has my most hated.

By the way, the raisins fans I worked with also loved the Caps.

I couldn't understand why the love of one DC team and the

dispise of another. They said it had to do with Cooke not

letting a team in B'more. I say thats BS.

Ravens suck!


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Heck some Redskins fan stirred up the hornest's nest by saying we'll spank the Raven's butt when it counts and the B'more Woe's when the Washington Expo's start to play here once their owner gets a cajones and backbone transplant.

They did laugh when I said angelos getting a soul transplant isnt doable since Satan says peter doesnt have one to begin with.

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They are just suffering from envy. Granted they've been more successful since they've been in Baltimore but there is no doubt that they are second fiddle as a franchise to the Washington Redskins.

And I agree, I never care what the Ravens do as long as we beat them and they beat up on the NFC East. That right there shows who is feeling inadequate.

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You're so right J.C.!

And to Ghost,I'll explain.

I moved to just south of Baltimore when I was 15.I was born and raised in D.C.

I never had any hatred for any Baltimore team even though I was a Redskins fan.

Come to find out that everyone kept calling me a"Deadskins" fan.

Most people around Baltimore hate the Redskins and have hated the Redskins since even before the Ravens were there.

Baltimorons are a very arrogant bunch.They've been against anything that is D.C.

I hope the Redskins kick their @ss

:box: :hammer: :whippin:


"What does God need with a starship"-Capt. Kirk


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I HATE the Ravens!!! They are right there with the Cowgirls, G-Aints, and Iggles for me. It all started in their Super Bowl season. I grew up right smack between Washington DC and Baltimore (Laurel, MD). When I was growing up the Colts were gone and the Ravens weren't here yet so the Skins were THE team. Plus Laurel favors the Skins anyways. So I was a diehard Skins fan but my family had Orioles season tix. So I was actually happy when they got a team because I thought they deserved one, and they did honestly.

Maybe I was just iognorant to it, but I had no clue how much Raven's fans hated us. It was downright shocking to me. I mean NFC East fans hate us too but deep down they respect us in a way. Just like we do with them. Baltimore's hate for us was just vicious. No real football conversation just venom spewing. I mean they HATE us. And it is so obvious that they have a major inferiority complex towards our franchise. They are jellous because our greatest run of success coincided with the loss of the Colts and we took over. They are jealous because their city is a total trash heap minus the Inner Harbor which is nice. They hate us because the NFL left them stranded for 11 years and if it wasn't for that POS Modell they still would be. They know if someone moved the Redskins out of DC the NFL would be fumbling all over themselves to find a new team for us. We wouldn't have gone 11 minutes nevertheless 11 years without an NFL Franchise.

Basically they are like the annoying little brother. They try so hard to get our attention but they fail to realize that we really only care about the Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles. They had one nice year (worst Super Bowl Champ EVER!!!) and they think they are on par with our run of dominance in the 80's and early 90's.

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I can't stand the Ravens and there fans. Another fairweather fan base.

I think they resent the fact that when the Colts left town, the NFL tried to push the Skins down their throats.

How does Ray Lewis become the face of the NFL????

They all think that Boller will lead them to the Super Bowl this year.


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