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Bucs looking ordinary tonight....

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I have been telling people for a few weeks now. The Bucs repeating depends more on if other teams get better moreso then how good the Bucs are this year. I still have a feeling it may come down to the Bucs/Eagles only because I am not sure what team has made THAT MANY strides to put themselves in the NFC Championship game.

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Rams played awsome, they deserve the kudos. They were in sync and smooth. Looked like Warner & Co. of 1999. Lovie Smith had his defense playing very Buc like.

For the Bucs 2-1 after 3 consecutive road games is not too bad.

Jaquez needs to be cut, Tupa amazingly had a decent game. Simms & Lee had a nice thing going. But too sloppy play too many missed tackles, too many penalties, too many dropped balls. Gruden has some ammo for practices this week :)

Ist home game next Sat.. I hope the good luck on injury continues throughout the season.

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