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WPC: Santana Moss Q&A


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Santana Moss Q&A

Moss looks forward to new season, new system


(Photo by John Pappas)

Santana Moss is enduring a pretty eventful offseason. Since last season ended, he’s gotten a new head coach, new coordinator, and new offense to learn. Then there was the arthroscopic knee surgery which kept him off the field for much of the offseason before he rehabbed his way back. And just as he was ready to get back on the field, word surfaced his name was connected to an HGH scandal.

Probably more excitement that the 31-year old receiver anticipated at the conclusion of 2009.

But through it all Moss has remained fairly even tempered. His knee is healed and he participated fully in the mini camp this week. He says he is getting comfortable in the new offense. The team insists Moss will be cleared in the HGH investigation, and Moss himself says he did nothing illegal.

We caught up with Moss at the conclusion of mini camp to find out how his offseason has been progressing, what he thinks of the new coaches and system, and whether he feels like he has to prove he is still a top receiver in the NFL.

Q. It’s been reported the offseason conditioning program and practices have been fast-paced. Do you feel you have worked harder this offseason with the new coaches and trainers?

A. I always work this hard, honestly. It might not be with the team. Even when we come with the team we put in the same kind of work. This has probably just been the longest we have been over here, for me, as far as being here from day 1 with the offseason conditioning and OTAs. I will say this is the longest I’ve ever [worked out with the team].

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