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Oakland Raiders camp battles: Quarterbacks


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This is from a section of the article.

The competitors:

Jason Campbell would seem to have the inside track on the starting position. The Raiders acquired him on draft day and gave him a one year extension before his flight had a chance to land in Oakland. He had 52 starts in four years in Washington including all 16 games in each of the past two seasons. His numbers improved in each of his four years in Washington, and it is widely believed around the league that there were organizational issues that retarded his development.

Here's link if any one cares. :pfft:


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Is this really even a battle? Campbell is no world beater, but he's their best QB.

But I guess they need to sell the competition in order to make sure Campbell doesn't get too comfortable too quickly.

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Man you really worried about JC threads here?... Did you not see the thousands

of AH threads in the other room!.. :silly:

"So many"?...There are TWO! lol :ols:

Guess I should have said "Oakland Raider" threads. And each thread had a somewhat indirect relation to Campbell. Like the O-Line thread. I wasn't bashing, just asking a question.

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I think Brad Grodowski is all the fight Campbells going to get, i dont even know if Charlie Frye is there, and he really had nothing to start with.

G-ski has been injured for much or all of the off season so he's not giving to much of a fight for the job.

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