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Darnell Dockett Twitter: "How many of you want to see me in a Skins' uniform"


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I like these comments too!

“Did I just hear this correctly? Albert Haynesworth will not be (at) mandatory minicamp? And he wants a trade? After signing 100 millon dollar contract?” Dockett tweeted.

“That’s why I tell y’all I’m nothing like these dudes. For 100 million my ass will play 4-3, 3-4, 5-9, 4-8 and still whip ass!” Dockett followed up with.


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He's a local guy so I'm sure that plays into his wanting to come here. I'd definitely prefer a trade but Haynesworth will be playing in a 3-4 in Arizona as well. They have a couple nose tackle prospects out there, though, in Dan Williams and Gabe Watson.

Regardless, it would put Haynesworth in the same predicament. Either play the nose or lose 40 pounds to play end. Either one would require effort on his fat arse's part, so he's probably unwilling to do so.

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I'm slightly bothered that he's saying all of this while still under contract with Arizona. And I'm also worried that he keeps bringing up the $100M, as if we'd pay him that much.

But, I like Dockett as a whole.

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Dockett is fierce, and he's also local, which is probably why he's asking, but he's also a melodramatic.

That's a weird thing for a player to tweet. I'd be upset if one of the Skins tweeted about himself in another uni.



I'd say he's without a doubt an upgrade over what we have, simply because he'd show up. But he loves attention. Not sure I like that part.

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