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For those of you who have been to Hilton Head, SC


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We have found that to be a great family vacation spot but it is a 9 hour drive. Is there anything closer that is similar that would be good for a long weekend (0-4 hr drive from DC)

Basically any similar place would need pool access, tennis, lots of bike trails (with some shade) and on the ocean. We're not huge beach people, we usually go early morning or late afternoon. Also there are areas like Harbourtown (in Hilton Head) that have a number of restaurants and other stores. Hilton Head is also known for golf but I rarely play anymore so not a big deal if there is no access to golf courses.


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We liked Sandbridge Beach south of Virginia Beach. There's a nature reserve, and the Sanctuary Resort is on the beach and has pools.

EDIT: 0-4 hours probably means you might look at Dewey/Rehoboth. With weekend holiday traffic you're not getting to NC or even VA Beach in 4 hours.

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