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Things to do in Nashville?


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Georgiaredskin and I are taking a road trip from this Thursday to next Wednesday. The main point is to visit friends and family in Indiana, but we've decided to make stops in Mammoth Cave, KY and Nashville for the fun of it.

We're not sure yet whether the stops are going to be on the way there or the way back.

What are some good things to do in Nashville if we only have a day or day and a half? What are the must-dos? Where are the must-eats? I've heard the Grand Ol' Opry isn't open right now because of the floods, but I wasn't all the interested in it anyway.

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LOL, damn, thats what I was thinking of. lol. In Nashville, you got me... Grand Ole Opry?

The Grand Ole Opry is closed due to the flooding, they are doing shows at another site I think the Ryman. Check out Broadway, the Wild Horse Saloon, Joe's Crab Shack (ate there today ymmm), The Country Music Hall of Fame, Coyote Ugly. You can check out most locations on the internet. To bad you didn't come down last week the CMA's were in full force, and if that wasn't enough Bonnaroo was going on too. Have fun:)

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Go see some live music. There are thousands of starving musicians in Nashville looking for their break.

Even some of the smaller bars have great live music. Blues, rock, country, jazz, etc. Studio quality musicians. I used to love just sitting with a beer at places like the Gibson cafe. Lots of great acts

Other than that, go poke around 2nd avenue and Broadway. Always something going on down there.

And too bad you're going with your significant other- downtown Nashville has a TON of hotties. :silly:

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