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OK, this is just retarded: Hallmark Pulls Card After Complaints of Racial Slur


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(June 12) -- Hallmark has pulled one of its graduation cards off the shelves after the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People complained that it used racial stereotypes and contained an abusive slur aimed at black women.

The card's micro speaker has two Hallmark characters, Hoops and Yoyo, bantering about how the graduate is going to dominate the universe. They tell the planets to "watch your back" and issue a stern warning to "ominous" black holes.

That's where the NAACP got angry.

They say that the audio sounds more like "black whores," and that card is implying that black women are not as capable or as powerful as their white counterparts.

"It's passive intent aggressively stated in a way that makes African-Americans feel insulted," Olivia Verrett, president of the Carson-Torrance branch of the NAACP in California told local news site The Daily Breeze.

(Click link for complete article.)

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