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ES 53 MAN ROSTER: Wild Card Vote 2 (Second of Three, CHOOSE ONE)


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NOTE: This poll will only be open for one day. The third and final wild card vote will be tomorrow or Thursday at some point.

Chip Lohmiller claimed the first wild card position. And now we're onto the second spot.

Stephen Davis, Runningback

Earnest Byner, Runningback

LaVar Arrington, Linebacker

Santana Moss, Wide Receiver

Mark Rypien, Quarterback

Doug Williams, Quarterback

Larry Centers, Fullback

Cliff Battles, Runningback

Terry Allen, Runningback

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Went with Battles again.

EDIT: Forgot to add when this poll closes in the options. I will close it around this time tomorrow morning. You'll still be able to vote, as it won't be officially closed, but I'll have the vote counted at this time so your votes won't mean much. Again, forgot to put how long the poll will be open for in the little box :)

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Attention Grown Ups: Battle Stations

It is absolutely incredible that this even close. Cliff Battles is a HOF RB who led us to an NFL Championship. Let's put him so far ahead that the kids can't ruin it with a QB who shouldn't be on the top 75 much less top 53 Redskins.

E-mail your friends and family ith a thread link. Let's see if we can hit 100 by the end of the day!

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I voted for LaVar simply because I disagree with at least two of the linebackers who were selected ahead of him on the list.

While Battles is a Hall of Famer, my issues with choosing him are twofold. First he only played one season for the WASHINGTON Redskins. Yes I know this is a franchise list and Battles did play for the Boston Braves/Redskins between 32-36 but to me the focus is on players who did their thing in Washington so I'm going to exclude Battles. The other reason is because the top 3 vote getters for the runningbacks were good selections so I just don't feel adding a fourth runner is needed.

Selecting a third player from this list will be tough.

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