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Some Pictures from Our Latest Trip to Italy


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Amy and I went to Rome, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast over Spring Break this year. She put some of the pictures with some commentary on her website (click on "My Blog"). If you haven't seen the pictures from the Czech Republic or Germany trips, there are galleries under "Travel" (the Italy pictures will probably end up there soon as well).

Shameless plug for Bang- he designed the website, and did a great job.

Here's the one Amy likes the best, a Greek temple in Paestum:


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that pic is awesome, good job

I didn't take it, but I will pass that along to Amy. :)

The Greek economy is in really bad shape if their temples are in ruins.

The temple is in Italy, which might explain the PIIGS problem. :silly:

Great pics. How was Napoli?

Naples was about as one would expect. Dirty, noisy, with potentially fatal and insane traffic. We loved it. :)

The archaelogical museum had some of the Pompeii stuff shut for renovations, though, which was disappointing.

Food and Drink rating?

A+. Highlights included cappuccino and pastry at a bar in Rome each morning (the hotel didn't have a breakfast, so they gave us a coupon for each day to use there), pizza at Da Michele in Naples, and a little restaurant called Da Lucia in Trastevere (amazing food, especially the spaghetti alla grecia and the chocolate mousse).

Italian AC is the Best....only rivaled by the Greeks

Uh, what?

Did you get to Capri while you where there? Positano?

We didn't go to Capri because I read that the Blue Grotto is overrated, and it was very expensive.

We did do the Amalfi Coast bus ride, so went through Positano. Very scenic.

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I'm going back to Italy on the 24th. Will be fun to be there during the WC again. We're going to Rome for three days, 26-29th. Then back up to Milan.

Rome is our favorite city in the whole world. :) We've only been to Milan for a few hours, though. If you want to see the Last Supper, don't forget to make a reservation before you go (a couple of months before, ideally). You can do it online, but it might be easier to do it by phone... the website is typically Italian.

Eating a lot of meatballs while you're there are ya?


No, but I did have rabbit one night at the little restaurant in Trastevere. Delicious. :)

Bad joke based on "Temple Ventilation"

Joke Fail

I thought that might be it, but it confused me a little, because although it's in Italy, it is a Greek temple.

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