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ESPN: Saints sign Ki-Jana Carter


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New Orleans Saints: The search for a vibable backup to starting tailback Deuce McAllister likley will continue, particuarly when teams begin paring their rosters, but for now, the New Orleans Saints have a new contender for the job.

ESPN.com has learned that the Saints signed veteran Ki-Jana Carter on Monday afternoon. Carter, who worked out earlier in the day for club officials, agreed to a one-year contract worth for the league minimum of $530,000.

The first overall choice in the 1995 draft, Carter has suffered through a career marred by injuries, and three times in seven years has appeared in three games or fewer as a result of major physical setbacks. The former Penn State star, who began his career with the Cincinnati Bengals, has not played since 2001 when he was with the Washington Redskins and rushed for 308 yards as a backup. Projected as a star, Carter has instead been star-crossed, and the chance with the Saints might be the last one of his career.

Carter, 29, has 290 career carries for 1,055 yards and 19 touchdowns. He also has caught 65 passes for 458 yards. New Orleans currently lists Curtis Keaton as its No. 2 tailback, but wanted to upgrade at the position, and team personnel staffers have been carefully monitoring other clubs' roster to see who might become available.

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No we can't give up Kenny, he'll be our starter at the beginning of the season!

He's too valuable!

NO, not kenny! anyone but Kenny! He's better than walter payton if only someone would give him a chance!


(no one here bad mouth kenny until he's traded okay......)

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I'm not sure this changes things in regards for a trade for Kenny Smith or Grady. I'm beginning to think K. Smith might be a better option, because he's young and has a good motor. They'll find out KJ isn't the solution, let's just hope we're in a position to take advantage of it when it comes.

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Originally posted by KINGBRICE_28

he averaged like 5.1 yards a carry and got a couple crucial first downs for us and we reward him with a pink slip....lol

i still haven't seen why we let him go...he wasn't hurt and didn't ask for more money.....sigh...management....:shoothead

Uh, he did want more money, and a longer contract the we were willing to offer -

The first overall choice in the 1995 draft, Carter has suffered through a career marred by injuries...

... and dumb ass decisions :doh1:

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I liked Kijana, and I like Kenny.....and I like Ladell, and Chad, and Trung, and I liked Stephen too. But what I'd really like is a high quality starting DT! The fact is, we are loaded with 2nd string running backs, parting with one would not have hurt us, but I don't think the Saints wanted to give up their starter anyway.

The DT problem has been beat to death, if we end up with signing someone else, it's going to be another Cannida. A career backup, or an unproven young guy, neither of which will be much help. The best we can hope for is a guy like Cowsette to step up to the plate and play his a$$ off all year.

Have faith fellow 'skins fans, all is not lost yet.

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if Canidate were a draft choice from this season and ran as well as he did against NE, scoring a TD everyone would be singing his praises and predicting a 1,000 yard season :laugh:

but because he was obtained in a trade from the Rams after being in the doghouse there, everyone is skeptical and predicting he will screw up, while the saintly Watson and Betts become the real players :laugh:

what would Redskins fans be without their cynicism?

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Originally posted by frankbones

Ki-Jana is not the answer, only Kenny Watson will fulfil your back-up RB needs..... must trade Grady Jackson for Kenny (said in eerie voodoo/hypnotic voice)

well, let me try then

Wee don't wannnnt to traaaade Kennnnnny Watsonnnnn

He has abilityyyyyy.

Trade Bettttsssss who has shown us nothinggggggg but can be bartered based on his second round draft choice statusssssss.


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