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FS - 2 Autographed 2009-2010 Skins Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendars


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Yes, I know 2010 is halfway over, but there's still some good months left. ;)

I bought two these calendars and had them signed at the 2010 draft day party. I put them up for bid at a charity golf tournament and they got 0 bids. Anyways, before they go up on EBAY, I thought I would see if anybody here wanted to buy them. The proceeds will go to a greyhound rescue group that I am a member of.

Note that some members of the 2009 squad are not on the 2010 squad. Also, Megs was not at the draft day party. The 2010 rookies signed as well (but they don't have any pics in the calendar).

So here's who has signed and I saw them sign these:

Sept 09 - Kelly

Oct 09 - Dawn

Nov 09 - Tracey

Dec 09 - Lee Ann

Jan 10 - Tequia

Feb 10- Buffy

March 10 - Chelsea

April 10 - Barbara

May 10 - Ashley A << I think MTH likes her.

June 10 - Donna

Oct 10 - Jessica C

Dec 10 - Amanda

Photos - Sheridan, Toccara, Jaqui, Michelle B, Brittni, Ashley W, Talmesha, Sarita, Jamilla, Tecoya + 2010 rookies

Back Cover - Sabrina (inscription reads "Much Love")

$26 for 1 or $46 for both and I'll ship for free via priority mail.

Payment via paypal. PM me if interested.

Also, special thanks to a guy who calls himself "ProBowl Dan" who went through the long line with me and got one of these calendars signed.

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