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For Immediate Release

June 8, 2010



LOUDOUN COUNTY, VA – The Washington Redskins announced today that the Redskins Broadcast Network won a 2009 Emmy in each of the three categories it was nominated at the 52nd annual National Capital Area Emmy Awards Gala last Saturday.

In the last three years, the Redskins Broadcast Network, which is the organization’s in-house production department, has now garnered seven Emmy Awards.

The following RBN productions and staff members won 2009 Emmy Awards:

Sports - One Time Special - The Legacy

Sports -Program Feature Segment - Gametime: Casey Rabach

Sports -Program Feature Segment - The Ten Skins Commandments

Executive Producer – Larry Michael

Videographer- Jordan Beane

Producer/Editor- James Heuser

Producer/Editor- Megan Imbert

Producer/Editor- Tom Kercheval

Narrator- Bernard Shaw

Talent/Writer- Chris Paul

The Legacy, narrated by CNN broadcasting legend Bernard Shaw, chronicles the careers of the 17 former Washington Redskins players and coaches (along with former owner George Preston Marshall) who have been inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

The Legacy aspires to be a timeless tribute to these gridiron greats, sparking pride in Redskins fans for the remarkable accomplishments of the team's most revered personalities. Furthermore, the special provides football fans in general with an entertaining and insightful look into some of the sport's best representatives from the perspective of one of its oldest and most storied franchises.

Gametime: Casey Rabach is a behind-the-scenes feature of what gameday is like from start to finish with Redskins Center Casey Rabach.

The Ten Skins Commandments is an anthem penned and recorded by entertainer Chris Paul, host of Redskins Late Night. By using humor, Redskins player cameo appearances, and historic Redskins footage, Paul counted down The Ten Skins Commandments.

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Well that sucks. That means we have to endure at least of handful more years of Larry Michael.

Still don't understand what the beef with Larry Michael is based on. Dude has pretty much given us Redskins coverage daily for the last couple of years. He is an extreme homer, but nothing is wrong with that.......

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I love listening to Larry Michaels, if you truly listen to him he is not a complete homer. He acknowledges that his expectations for the team are overly optimistic. I mean you cant honestly believe that he expects the skins to go 16-0 this year.

He is just always optimistic because no one else is. You could tell he was just as pissed as the rest of us down the stretch last year, he just doesnt show it.

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Good for them. I like Larry Michaels doing a solo serious bit more than the comedy act he had with Bram Weinstein.

I actually miss Bram. I thought he levelled Larry's ubber homerism out nicely by not being afraid to offend anyone within the organization by saying what needed to be said.


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You have to nominate yourself to be eligible for local Emmy's. It's a huge joke.

Yes, you submit yourself but HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of entries are submitted but not all are accepted. They submitted other entries that were not accepted for whatever reason. Once the entries are submitted that are sent to other top TV markets ( NY, Chicago, Philly, ...) to be judged by seasoned producers, news directors, service directors, sports directors and TV veterans. One of the judges had been in TV for 43 years. After all of that is over, Nominees are selected for the various categories.

Seems like a lot of work for a bunch of Industry Professionals to be a "Huge Joke"

The people over at RBN are good at what they do and these Emmys are well desereved and long over due!

Stop hating on other peoples hard work and just take pride in the fact that we're lucky to have such well produced Redskins programming.

I don't work for the team. I'm just a fan. I go to 4 away games a year and you would laugh if you saw the local sports shows those teams were producing for their teams.

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This doesn't change the fact that Larry is still unprofessional, ignorant when it comes to a lot of football topics, and a bad play-by-play guy. Nonetheless, congratulations to the staff.

How is Larry unprofessional and ignorant? Can you give me some examples?

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Personally the 10 Skins Commandments was the best segment. And for those that remember them Commandment 9 is the best...."F the the Cowboys both their owner and their team".

Oh and the line..."You gotta have at least 3 Redskins Jersey's on your Rack PLUS a Redskins hat"....I think Mark the Homer is over qualified for the 1st Commandment...he has like 2 million jerseys and counting. Nice.....

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