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Fate and Destiny at Disney

Dan T.

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This is a cool story. Alex and Donna are preparing to get married and are looking over each other's old photos. Donna has a photo taken 30 years ago of her family with a costumed character at DisneyWorld. Alex looks at the photo and says "Holy Guacamole, that's my dad in the background!"

Sure enough, it's Alex's dad, pushing a stroller. And sitting in the stroller is Alex, just a few feet away from Donna, his bride-to-be 30 years into the future. To make it even more improbable, Donna lived in Florida at the time and Alex's family was visiting Disney from Canada.

Alex's family had photos from that day showing his dad wearing the same clothes as in Donna's photo, confirming it wasn't just a look-alike.

Cool, huh?

Link to the news story, with a view of the photo:


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The Magic of Disney can do powerful things.

Who is the Disney character in the photo? One of the Seven Dwarfs? And BTW, the dad doesn't look too happy. Must have been the end of a long day at Disney...

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I'll be visiting Disney, well at least one Disney Parks during my Florida trip later this month.

Good Man. Visit all of them. Spend lots of money.

(My Disney stock has been tanking for a month.)

(On a less sarcastic note, I love giving people advice about Disney. Even if they don't want it.)

(So do lots of other people.)

(But they aren't as good as I am.)

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Shouldn't be too hard if you happen to need some water to drink or air to breathe.

Actually, one of the things I'd recommend for anybody who goes there . . .

Eat a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar.


They're sold all over the parks by push carts. I think they're like 5 bucks. (Which makes them roughly the same price as water and air.)

There was a thread on ES, a few years back, with Disney tips, and there must have been a dozen people who said "Yeah, I had one of those 10 years ago, and I still remember it."

But, Diehard's right. Especially at the right time of the year, it's not hard to go through serious money in a hurry. I've had family trips where out group of five, all told, went through over $20K in a week.

(Three adjacent rooms, in Polynesian, the week of Christmas, was the biggest chunk.)

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You staying on site? (I've become really fond of staying in the Disney hotels.)

(Some day I need to work on my "Disney speak". Start calling them "resorts".)

Yes. Staying on site is definitely worht it.

Sometimes we dont (I like the Buena Vista Suites off property). But when we stay on site, I feel like Im on 24 7 vaca. The soaps, the mickey wake up call.

My passes blackout this weekend. May have to sneak out Friday......

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Yes. Staying on site is definitely worht it.

Sometimes we dont (I like the Buena Vista Suites off property). But when we stay on site, I feel like Im on 24 7 vaca. The soaps, the mickey wake up call.

My passes blackout this weekend. May have to sneak out Friday......

My Mom really embarrassed me, the last Disney trip we went on. She mush have stolen 200 bars of Mickey Mouse soap.

I mean, she wasn't content with taking all of the soap from all three of our rooms at Animal Kingdom Lodge, every day (and getting mousekeeping to restock them.) I mean, if we're leaving the room, and the housekeeping cart is in the hallway, she'd open the cart and grab soap with both hands.

But I agree with you about staying "on property".

The way a co-worker of mine described it to me, decades ago, was that if you're staying at Disney, then your fantasy world doesn't end at the end of the day.

The way I think of it is, if you aren't staying at Disney, then at the end of the day, you watch the fireworks, hug, follow the line out of the park, wait for a tram, get off, find your car, start up the car, follow the other cars out to the exit, join the stream heading down one of the large, landscaped, Disney highways.

You pass under the archway that marks that you're leaving Disney.

You pass over the overpass carrying you over I-4.

And on the other side of the overpass is . . . Tyson's Corner. 10 lane roads. (And the roads are busy, 24 hours a day.) 20 miles of shopping centers. Traffic lights every block. More huge signs than the Las Vegas strip.


Stay in Wilderness Lodge. Step out onto the patio, and what you'll hear is the sound of about 100 kids having a blast in the swimming pool. (Or if you don't like that sound, get a "woods view" room, and you won't even hear that.) You'll hear the steam whistle from one of the ferry boats crossing the lagoon. Want to get to the Magic Kingdom? There's a boat.

Stay in a "Theme Park view" room at Polynesian, and you can lay in bed, look out the patio door, and see Cinderella's Castle sticking out above the trees, across the lagoon. The Magic Kingdom is a boat or monorail ride away.

From The California Grill, atop the Contemporary hotel, you can see all four parks. (Well, the highest features of each, above the trees.)

I've been known, when I'm flying into/out of Orlando, to stay in a Disney hotel, even though I'm not visiting the parks.

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Me too. Arriving on June 20th and staying the week with my entire family. Will be camping at Fort Wilderness in the park.

RV? Or are you renting one of the cabins?

Me, I think the cabins are one of the best bargains in the parks. They cost about the same as a room in, say Wilderness Lodge. But you get a lot more room. IMO, for the right group (4-6 people, maybe some of them kids), it's a great buy.

One thing that somebody told me about that worked out well for us:

One thing about the campground is that it's spread out. They literally have buses that operate strictly within the campground.

That means that if you want to go to, say, EPCOT, what you have to do is:

Leave your campsite. Walk a block or so to a bus stop.

After 5-10 minutes, a bus will come along. Get on the bus.

After 5-10 minutes, this bus will deliver you to the bus stop that's at the entrance to the campground. Get off the bus.

And then you get to wait 10-15 minutes for the bus that takes you from the campground to EPCOT.

Everything is two buses away.

However, at the "Trading Post" (the general store in the center of the campground), they'll rent you a golf cart. Park the golf cart at your campsite, and now you can take the golf cart to the bus stop, or the pool, or the boat docks, or the restaurant.

The golf cart lets you skip the "within the campground" bus.

They cost something like 20 bucks a day, and all the places like the store, restaurant, pools, etc, have golf cart parking (with plug-ins).

Possible problem, though: The golf cart we rented only held four adults. Your group might not fit in one.


One memory I had of the campground: Playing "spot the bunny rabbits" with the five-year old. There's rabbits all over the place in the campground. (Don't know if Disney breeds them, somewhere, and turns them loose in the campground, or what.)

And, once, the day I checked in, there, (before the rest of my party arrived), I saw a doe and two fawns in a clearing, near the entrance.

The fawns were playing with each other, and they were acting the way dogs act when they're playing. They'd stop. Look at each other. One of them would hunker down his front end somewhat. Stare at each other.

Then one of them would twitch. The other would pick a direction, and take off running. The first one would chase it.

I'd never heard that deer acted that way.

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I was at Port Orleans last time I was there. Nice. If you stay on-site, find out which parks open early for on-site only guests. It's a nice little advantage. It's usually a different park each day, and you get a one hour head start on the big crowds.

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