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WP: Offense tries to match defense's progress


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Through two voluntary mini-camps and the OTAs, Washington's defense has impressed under coordinator Jim Haslett. There has been limited access to practice during the OTAs, so my observation is based more on conversations and texting with people in the organization than what I've witnessed recently at Redskins Park. And, really, isn't that the way it should be?

Anyway, from what we're hearing, Haslett is a big-time hit with the players. Veterans have quickly embraced his aggressive, Pittsburgh-patterned-3-4 scheme, and are very excited about Haslett's big-play mentality. His eagerness to put linebackers, safeties and even corners in position to make plays on blitzes, and his ability to disguise coverages out of the 3-4 has re-energized the defensive players, from what we've been told.

Guys actually enjoy studying the new stuff in position group meetings and running though it on the field, which often wasn't the case last season. Although many players respected former defensive coordinator Greg Blache, they privately expressed frustration about Blache's conservative approach in the 4-3 and his unwillingness to try new things. Of course, Blache played a big role in Washington finishing among the league leaders in defense during five of his six years with the organization.

But sometimes a fresh perspective is needed, and that's what Haslett has brought. Haslett is doing such a good job to this point, people with the team have said, that the Redskins expect their defense to remain among the NFL's best statistically while also producing more turnovers.

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