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ABC: 12 children die during bad luck ceremony


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12 children die during bad luck ceremony

Twelve Indonesian children have died after a suspension bridge collapsed as they were taking part in a traditional ceremony to dispel bad luck, a local official said.

The accident took place in a remote village in Aceh.

"There were about 37 kids gathered together on a wire-cable suspension bridge when it collapsed and they fell into a river," district chief Ibnu Hasyim said.

Twenty-five children were rescued with minor injuries but 12 others - all below the age of 12 - were swept away in strong currents.

The children were watching a ritual ceremony to dispel misfortune after a measles outbreak in the area.

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Was there a black cat on the bridge? Maybe one of them spilled some salt or broke a mirror thar morning?

And now that I've secured my ticket to hell in this thread, I can say that I can't even imagine being there when this happens. This would have to be one of the most horrific sights a parent can see.

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