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I'm geographically challenged so I haven't seen crap. Everything I've seen and heard is that our mistakes are killing us. These have to stop at some point right? Maybe? probably?

It's so hard to judge us by a quarter or a half of play. We could be a totally second half team. Let's just hope we aren't chasing 20 points every game. The Ramsey to Coles combo is looking like it might be good. Gardner is making catches. I think the offense as a whole sounds better than last year. The defense, well the jury is completely out in my book. Maybe we need a quarter or two to get into it on the D side. Maybe we are totally vanilla or are trying stuff and still making mistakes. Maybe we are holding back.

People on this board need to forget Joe Gibbs, forget pounding it through the tackles, forget we won super bowls a hundred years ago. This is still the new Redskins, grab a hold, enjoy the ride, lower your expectations and hope for some breaks and some new heros to emerge.

If we just knock out half of the mistakes we are making we can play with anyone. Maybe we can get some of the luck it takes to be winners in the NFL. Maybe we will be cursed forever, but I seriously doubt that.

I just have a feeling we aren't going to be as bad as a lot of you naysayers keep saying. By reading this board everyday one might conclude that is over before it starts. I see the .500 mark being posted so often that it's seems to be carved in stone. Heck, those predictions may be right, but it's not going to hamper my enthusiam for the game. Resigning yoursefl this early to a non-playoff year will just ruin it for you, donchathink?

I have a feeling we might be better than that. Our schedule is brutal, but the Atlanta game already seems less daunting than it did only 48 hours ago. Maybe things will fall into place. I, for one, am not going to submit to mediocrity just yet. Let's see a real game where the starter play the whole game, where Spurrier can make his adjustments, exploit second half weaknesses. Where our offense can find a flow, where our defense can find a grove. Let's just wait and see shall we?

We're still tied for the division lead at this point and have a shot at a 16-0 season.

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Great post...I'm willing to be that way until proven wrong! We are fans, why not have high expectations and get our hopes up?

And you made a great post about Gibbs and our history. It's there for sure and always will be. We have experienced and enjoyed those Super Bowls but now it's onto the new.

We are no different over the past 10 years or so than the Cardinals or the Bengals or teams like that....

Even the Bengals played in a couple Super Bowls in the late 80s and now are trying to find their new identity. We think we're a lot different but the fact is, until Spurrier improves us, we're not!

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we were worlds better from game one to two. We looked Marty preseason bad in game one. We actually played them evenly and looked pretty proficient in game 2. The mistakes are unforgiveable. It was nice to make all our fg though. I came away from game 2 feeling optimistic.

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Let's keep in mind that this is only preseason of year 2 for Spurrier.

Joe Gibbs liked to throw the ball a lot too. He adapted when necessary. Now, we don't really know that Spurrier won't gain some experience in the NFL and adapt.

I can remember a couple times in his coaching stint when Gibbs had to be "reminded" of what to do. Riggins told him once early on that he should feed him the ball.

I also remember reading an article about the 1990 season when Earnest Byner went into Gibbs' office and said that they needed to pound the ball more and pass less. Gibbs did so and the team went on to make the playoffs that year and then ride that momentum to the SB the next year. My point is that Gibbs preferred to chuck the ball but changed. After a couple years, if we need to, Spurrier may do the same thing.

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Originally posted by MarkPSkins

It's so hard to judge us by a quarter or a half of play. We could be a totally second half team.

Let's not forget that the genius of Joe Gibbs wasn't necessarily in the initial game plan, but in adjustments he made to that plan at halftime to win the game....I hope Spurrier is half the genius Gibbs was in this aspect of coaching.

If we just knock out half of the mistakes we are making we can play with anyone.....

....We're still tied for the division lead at this point

Damn straight homeboy!


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Youc an learn a lot from the past, but it's understood the team is on a different defensive and offensive agenda. I have no problem with expectations, just won't let preseason dictate the regular season, as long as the roster is stuffed with fodder, who have been getting longer looks.

I did say by game 3 of the preseason, the Skins will be able to determine for sure a very large portion of the roster, I guess around 95% of the players.

I have seen way too many preseasons of a lot of teams and it is simply incredible how lathargic and measley a good team can look during it.

The note made of improvement from the 1st Martyesque type game to a more Spurrier type in game 2, is only a vapors whiff of what you can expect. I will emphasize teams are using a lot of their seasonal stuff with their players, more so than we, to gloss it over.

I don't care for it, as long as we evaluate our needs one day at a time and have it set by game 4 of the preseason. Timing with the O-Line, QB and WR's are getting plenty of action, along with newcomers, FA's and rookies. That is exactly what we need.

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I get the feeling that this team could either go 6-10 or 10-6. Plenty of talent but poor coaching(yes until proven otherwise I still and have always believed Spurrier to be Norv part 2 as a head coach) and a lack of discipline.

I agree about moving on from the smash mouth mentality for now. This is a different team that's gonna either win or lose in a different way than Joe's teams.

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