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DC101 Top 500 Modern Rock Songs


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Did anyone listen to all or a portion of this when they were running it over Memorial Day weekend? Was just curious as to your take on it, the rankings, etc.

The former Oldies station, 100.3, used to do Top 500's all the time, but oldies are a pretty defined time period, 1955 (Rock Around the Clock) to sometime around 1972.

I couldn't figure out what the timeframe for this list was, they were playing music I never hear on 101. At one point, they played Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cult, etc...but most of the time they stuck to the 90's and the most recent decade. I didn't realize so much of the 80's qualified as modern rock, I just think of it as "the 80's" kind of a separate entity.

Here's the Top 25, which I have plenty of issue with, but I won't get into it now. Link to the entire list is below. I'm interested in what others think.

1. NIRVANA --- Smells Like Teen Spirit

2. PEARL JAM --- Jeremy

3. NINE INCH NAILS --- Closer

4. THE CURE --- Just Like Heaven

5. NIRVANA --- Come As You Are

6. RADIOHEAD --- Creep

7. U2 --- Pride (In The Name Of Love)

8. RAMONES --- I Wanna Be Sedated

9. METALLICA --- Enter Sandman

10. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS --- Under The Bridge

11. JANE'S ADDICTION --- Been Caught Stealing

12. PEARL JAM --- Black



15. BLINK 182 --- Dammit

16. BEASTIE BOYS --- Fight For Your Right (To Party)

17. VIOLENT FEMMES --- Blister In The Sun

18. THE WHITE STRIPES --- Seven Nation Army

19. REM --- Losing My Religion

20. GREENDAY --- When I Come Around

21. OFFSPRING --- Come Out And Play

22. LINKIN PARK --- In The End

23. BUSH --- Comedown

24. SEX PISTOLS --- Anarchy In The UK.



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Because it is. I loved it on first listen but it ran down hill after that.

Hell, I just don't like Nirvana, and I really don't like Smells Like Teen Spirit. I think that song routinely gets rated so high because it's supposed to be the defining song of "teenage apathy" during that time period.

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That sounds like a typical radio station's list of top modern songs.

"Enter Sandman," "Smells like Teen Spirit," "Come as you are," "Jeremy" etc.


I'm not saying those songs weren't good songs when they came out, but they weren't good enough to be raped into oblivion by continuous radio play like they were. It's why I never listen to the radio.

BTW, I'm surprised to see 'Just like Heaven' on that list. It incredibly hasn't been over-saturated like the others.

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I asked the same question in the OP LKB...was curious as to the timeframe since they were playing Echo and the Bunnymen, a band I've never heard on 101 before.

I believe this was done by community/listener vote, so you can't really blame the station.

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for the most part it's a decent top 25.

"basketcase" should replace "when i come around."

"closer" doesn't deserve the #3 spot.

"black" shouldn't be on there.

i would put "dammit" higher ... that song absolutely dominated when it came out, and it is an immaculate peice of pop songwriting.

i'd replace bush's "comedown" with "glycerine".

what are the sex pistols doing on this list? while punk rock definitely gave birth eventually to modern rock, i don't think the sex pistols qualify as "modern rock" by any reasonable definition. they broke up in the 70's. at least the ramones kept putting out albums and touring throughout the 80's and 90's. (plus the ramones brand of punk was a lot closer to the "modern rock" sound)

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Aside from Blister in the Sun I don't think they played any Violent Femmes, but they used to play that song all the time.

yeah. i like the violent femmes but never found that song remotely interesting. why couldn't they have latched on to "add it up" or "kiss off" instead?

same thing with the ramones. "i wanna be sedated" is the only ramones song 99.1/dc101 ever played, even though their other singles like rock n roll high school, beat on the brat, blitzkrieg bop, the kkk took my baby away, etc were actually bigger hits on the charts.

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I'd like to know what defines "modern rock" for them.. I thought I had an idea of what they thought it was until I see the Sex Pistols on that list.

Johnny (Lydon) Rotten will kick the program director in the balls if he sees that.

The Beastie Boys are a joke. I swear, when a person tells me they're really into the Beastie Boys, I snicker under my breath and start using smaller words.

Same goes for Green Day. I hate them. It is because of them we are forced to deal with garbage like Good Charlotte

(Although i would put them all in this modern rock category)

I'm just not sure of their parameters for "modern rock"

"Jeremy"... really, it's like the sixth best song on that album, and that album had plenty of other radio hits.

Same goes for "Disarm".. "Cherub Rock" was a better Pumpkins radio song.


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