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Turtle Beach X41

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Turtle beach has never had a very good reputation in the PC gaming community when it comes to reliabilty, but I don't think there are any real competitors when it comes to 360 specific headphones. Make sure you look into the return policy. You don't want to be stuck with a $150 headset that breaks after 3 months of use because you dropped it 2 feet.

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I watched a review on the X41s and the guy said the sound quality was better than almost every PC headset he had ever used. His only complaint was a little bit of static when using the mic.

I just watched the same guy revew the Astro A40s and he said the bass was better on the X41s but the overall sound was better on the A40s. My issue is the A40s have cables running everywhere and I sit about 8 feet from my Xbox and the cables only reach 5 feet.

The X31s use analog audio I think versus the 41s use digital optic so I would expect the 41s to be much better.

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