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[Resolved] Searching for flash game - Madness Interactive!


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There was this flash game I used to play online religiously. I am not sure if anyone here may know it or remember it. I played it in the mid 2000's and I am trying to find the game. However I cannot remember the name of the game. It is a very distinct name.

Here is a description of it. It was a shooting game but the view was a side scrolling game. You controlled the character by the keyboard and shot with the mouse (just moving the mouse in directing the gun to shoot, you cna face the opposite way and shoot behind you). It was very distinct in that the animation was that the head looked like it was floating on top of the body, and the guns that you could pick up were also that way. It was kind of like stick figures but the bodies where just rectangles. If you played the game in the storyline there was a Jesus character along with a crazy zombie clown character. There were alot of different guns you could use and it was very bloody and gory (you could blow people up and shoot bullet holes in them). it was in gray tones except for the blood. You could use bats knives axes and guns.

I am not sure if the description was detailed enough but that was about how the game looked. If you played it you will know what i am talking about. It was a very distinct game in its own right. If anyone has any idea what this game may be called I would greatly appreciate the help. Throw some names out here. Thanks in advance!

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