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Older Movies Everyone Knows Are Great But You Haven't Seen Them Yet Or Just Recently Saw Them


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Yup, another movie thread (I searched, mods :pfft:).

Title explains it, and for me two movies I have long had on my list were Shawshank Redemption and Leaving Las Vegas. Last night I finally saw Shawshank and loved it (of course). When Tim Robbins has control of a project, he's usually brilliant. I think the timing was good for me too, or I might have had more of a "too Hollywood a type of perfect ending."

But as it was it was very satisfying viewing. Morgan at his very best, and all the familiar character actors in the film gave some of their best work, too. Great plot, acting, and pacing. It wasn't too predictable, either. It should make an interesting contrast to the darkness I have heard so much about in Leaving Las Vegas, which I pan to watch tomorrow night.

I have also never watched the Godfather films (I know) straight through, just bits and pieces in various settings over time (usually in salutes or special honoring the actors or the series) and plan to do all three over a weekend soon.

You guys?

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I have never seen Gone With the Wind (or Wizard of Oz) straight through (same deal as Godfather movies). So I need to finally get to them. The Birds is classic, one of Hitch****'s best. Casablanca is rightfully a legend and one of my most-viewed films. Amazing stuff. And The Usual Suspects was definitely innovative and excellent---plot and acting (cast) are exceptional. Good times await us both.

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Yeah, I haven't seen most of the John Wayne films, either. I know he was a great icon (and more man than most of us can ever hope to be), but I always get the same vibe from him that I get from the likes of Marylin Monroe and Audry Hepburn. They're remembered most for being glamorous and sex symbols instead of actors.

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Apocolypse Now.

I've never had the desire to see it.

Personally, thought it was a little scattered and overblown (Brando), but with many brilliant moments. Should see it, though. The Dallas cheerleaders/USO scene is just one of the more surreal moments.

The Magnificent Seven. It was pretty entertaining; though it didn't blow me away
Love the James Coburn role, too. A fave old western, and yes, The 7 Samurai is very cool. Have you seen Silverado?
I knew it would happen, though I went through four pages of movie threads :ols:

Think I'll leave this one anyway. :)

Citizen Kane

I thought this one was bit over-rated since its often called the greatest movie ever--saw it in my first film class and maybe it was partly due to the years of expectation and whole "Rosebud" thing feeling like a bit of a let down. But nevertheless a great film.

Yup. Need to see that.

Indeed, everyone should.

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Strangelove is on my list of all time faves. I am a big Kubrick fan. The guy has one of the best resumes in film, IMO.

Have never seen Das Boot and should especially being mainly German and all. :ols:

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