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Memorial Day, 2010 (Merged by OP's request)

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Continuing a tradition that I started shortly after joining ES. Be sure to check out the video - turn up the speakers.

It was raining "cats and dogs" and I was late for physical training. Traffic was backed up at Fort Campbell, Ky., and was moving way too slowly. I was probably going to be late and I was growing more and more impatient. The pace slowed almost to a standstill as I passed Memorial Grove, the site built to honor the soldiers who died in the Gander airplane crash, the worst redeployment accident in the history of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault).

Because it was close to Memorial Day, a small American flag had been placed in the ground next to each soldier's memorial plaque. My concern at the time, however, was getting past the bottleneck, getting out of the rain and getting to PT on time.

All of a sudden, infuriatingly, just as the traffic was getting started again, the car in front of me stopped. A soldier, a private of course, jumped out in the pouring rain and ran over toward the grove. I couldn't believe it! This knucklehead was holding up everyone for who knows what kind of prank. Horns were honking. I waited to see the butt-chewing that I wanted him to get for making me late.

He was getting soaked to the skin. His BDUs were plastered to his frame. I watched-as he ran up to one of the memorial plaques, picked up the small American flag that had fallen to the ground in the wind and the rain, and set it upright again. Then, slowly, he came to attention, saluted the small flag, ran back to his car, and drove off.

I'll never forget that incident. That soldier, whose name I will never know, taught me more about duty, honor, and respect than a hundred books or a thousand lectures. That simple salute -- that single act of honoring his fallen brother and his flag -- encapsulated all the Army values in one gesture for me. It said, "I will never forget. I will keep the faith. I will finish the mission. I am an American soldier." I thank God for examples like that. And on this Memorial Day, I will remember all those who paid the ultimate price for my freedom, and one Army Private, soaked to the skin, who honored them.

May you and your families have a special time this weekend to remember all those who have given so much of themselves for each of us.

Capt. John Rasmussen from Eagle Base, Bosnia - May 22, 2002.

To my father - I celebrate your memory and dedicated service to our country on this special day.


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And Obama will be the first president in history not to show up??:mad:

Of course that is not true. You have to learn to check the truth behind the rumors.

Reagan missed Memorial Day at Arlington a couple of times.

Bush Senior NEVER went to Arlington on Memorial Day.

Bush Junior didn't go to Arlington on Memorial Day the first two years he was in Office.


Plus, Obama is going to speak at a Veteran's cemetary in Illinois instead.

So relax.

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While all of us are enjoying a nice, long holiday weekend, it is good to remember why this weekend is so special. If you have the chance, thank any member of the military this weekend. Politics don't matter at all, just be nice to them and be happy they aren't among the (all too many) fellow servicemen who have gone before them.

To All Who Have Served: Thank you very much for your service to our country.

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Lt. John W. Finn, Medal of Honor recipient, dies at 100

By T. Rees Shapiro

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Navy Lt. John W. Finn, who received the Medal of Honor for mounting a daring counterattack on Japanese airplanes from an improvised machine gun post during the raid on Pearl Harbor, died May 27 at a veterans home in Chula Vista, Calif. No cause of death was reported.

At 100, he was the oldest surviving recipient of the nation's highest honor for valor and was among the first to receive the award during World War II.


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There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said; but I'd just like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all of those who fell that we might stand proud and free.

I wish you all a blessed and reflective Memorial Day.

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Another word of thanks to those who have served before this day ends.


As a guy that only had a chance to turn a few wrenches and was never anywhere but stateside while I was in, I still thank you so much. Not for myself but for those that gave much and moreso for those that gave all. It is they that folks owe oh so much.

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These Airmen came back today. That's good timing.


Utah Airmen Return from Afghanistan

*click link for more and a nice little video*

God Bless them all and those still there and elsewhere.

PCS - that is a great video.

Please warn those who may be at work that the video shoots dust into the air by your monitor and will make your eyes water (it did for me).

God Bless You, Every Military Man/Woman who serves. We love you.

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