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NFL.com | D.C. native Westbrook says he would 'love to be a part' of Redskins


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Didn't see this in breaking news or anywhere else. Nothing much new, except for the quote.


D.C. native Westbrook says he would 'love to be a part' of Redskins


Home sweet home? That might end up being the case for free-agent running back Brian Westbrook.

The Washington D.C. native, who recently visited the Redskins, said he would "love to be part of that organization" during a Thursday interview with NFLPlayers.com.

"It went really well," Westbrook said of his visit. "I enjoyed them and the coaching staff. I'd love to be a part of that organization. They have a quality organization -- I just have to find out if I can fit into their system."

That would mean fitting into a crowded backfield that already consists of Clinton Portis and offseason acquisitions Larry Johnson and Willie Parker.

For what it's worth, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said last week that Westbrook is still "under consideration."

The Redskins are only one of three teams in pursuit of Westbrook. He also has visited the Denver Broncos and St. Louis Rams.

Westbrook had spent his entire eight-year NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles, but the team released him after an injury-plagued 2009 in which he suffered two concussions.

If Westbrook chooses the Redskins, he would be reunited with quarterback Donovan McNabb, whom the Eagles traded to Washington last month.

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I wouldnt mind having Westbrook serve as our KR/PR and our 4th Rb. Depending on what we do with the TE situation and if we keep 4 TEs on our roster, we can cut sellers for good

Keeping 4 RBs seems unlikely, especially if they don't play special teams. I don't see Westbrook as a full-time returner, and none of the other three (Parker, Portis, Johnson) is going to play kick coverage.

If we sign Westbrook, one of the four backs will not make the team.

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As long as he's not going to be the primary back I think he could stay healthy enough to be a big help on offense, but I hope that this doesn't mean we're keeping a backfield full of old dudes. I hope one of our younger RBs (maybe Torrain) can hang on and deserve a roster spot.

As far as a "Westbrook brothers reunion", I seriously doubt old Byron gets a roster spot this year. Rogers and Hall are the starters, Tryon played well in the nickel, Barnes has enough potential to hang on or get the Nickel from Tryon, Buchanon will be in competition for the Nickel too. That's 5, which leaves Doug Dutch, Melvin Stephonson, and Byron fighting for a spot that might not even be there.

I like him, but Byron's probably gone this year.

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I don't really get the problem with bringing him in.

The upside:

He would be our best 3rd down back (well pass-catcher anyway, Portis is probably the best blocker).

Parker and LJ don't play teams either, so nothing lost.

He should be pretty cheap given his age and injury issues.

He has a ton of chemistry w/ our qb.

He has relationships on the team (to be fair, I'm not sure how much of an impact this makes).

He's a 'local' (ditto the the above parenthesis).

The downside:

He doesn't play teams (I'd like to have a young prospect w/ good hands that we could put on teams, but we don't really have that anyway).

He may want more money than we're offering (his resume is great, but his age/injuries somewhat nullify this).

He's old and has injury issues (so does Parker... maybe not ideal, but really... big deal).

He probably doesn't want to be a #3/#4 and want a chance to start (on the bright side, they're talking open competition, so his bad if he doesn't get the role he wants).

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If he signs, it'll be interesting. I think Larry is the only RB lock right now (I'm a CP fan). Then again, pads change things. When they are padded up, the cooches will see how they will look in games. It's possible that they see something in one of the current RB's that they don't like.

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Westbrook may be making a decision, but from Shanahan's remarks that he's "under consideration" I don't think BW left Redskins Park with an offer.

And why would anyone sign someone who can only play a limited role and whose presence on the field tips off defenses as to what plays will be run?

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I have seen Westbrook take the swing pass to the house TOO many times to not want him on this team.

He gets injured when running between the tackles, get him on the outside (like a satellite back like Reggie Bush) and I dont think there is anyone better.

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