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Two questions


WHY so many posts today?  

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  1. 1. WHY so many posts today?

    • I don't have a life, either
    • bleedblue's going for some kind of record
    • Training our wives/SOs for regular-season Sundays
    • Injuries boost ratings
    • REALLY hard up for football
    • Other

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Being in Missouri, I have not seen either game. So tell me, one: can anyone tell me if the special teams unit is just guys trying out for the spots, which would explain the inconsistancy, or is this the unit that will start the season? Two, everyone is complaining about the penalties, but how many are the starters making? I think that is a much better baromiter. Thanks. :2cents:

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the special teams units aren't the ones that will be starting, but not for lack of trying. We don't know who the starters are on our teams units, and we need to get that figured out. Hopefully we aren't putting out the best product at this moment, but we have no real reason to believe that the personel hitting the field on sept 4th will be any better. Hopefully they will improve with coaching.


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