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I didn't watch the game last night cause(well I live in missouri)...

But, I listened to it on NFL.com (which was horrible last night by the way)Rock returns punts.....D.Thompson on the catch....WTF...

But anyway....Wilbert Brown has to go,David terrell just flat sucks and I don't understand why ohelete is not being used as the starter(does he just not impress during monday morning practices?)FO is stupid if he isn't starting this year.....Bowens and Ohelete and nobody else!!!

And the ROCK is better than Bryan Johnson and I knew that last year and nothing has changed....But, I bet it will after what I read on last nights game...MR.4th down....and if he isn't starting then our FO is stupid because he's better....

Everyone has there complaints so here is mine....I know it's preseason But shouldn't we have our best team in as the #1 team...?Or are they just expieramenting with guys to see if they can handle curtain situations??

Oh and by the way....it sounded like wynn had a pretty good game last night(1 sack?) and involved in breaking up a few plays...

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Originally posted by Dr. D

you forgot to mention all the penalties....thats just coaching...

seems like teams know how to defend spurrier's play calling quite easily now too...


Last year we opened up the playbook in pre-season and looked like world beaters. Where did it get us?

You think that was Spurrier's A game? No way. He learned his lesson last year.

Can we at least get a few regular season games under our belt before dumping on our own team.

Man I gotta stop reading these threads.

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