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MADDEN 04 - Redskins rosters


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I haven't seen anyone talking about this yet on this site but there has been a few threads regarding the new MADDEN 2004 game.

I am glad to see that EA SPORTS finally allows users to edit the historic teams rosters. I just wanted to say thanks to the mod's on this board for creating the Redskins roster data base. I have successfully edited and updated each of the historic teams available on the game for the Redskins and Cowboys.

Last night when I got back from the game, I played a match up with the 83 Redskins against the 78 Cowboys. It was fun finally being able to lineup the HOGS againts the likes of TOO TALL JONES, RANDY WHITE and HARVEY MARTIN.

The outcome of my game. Unfortunately I lost 30-24 with Joe Theismann throwing an incomplete pass to Art Monk in the endzone as time expired.

Tony Dorsett scorched me for 145 yards rushing and 2 TD's.

SIDENOTE: If any XBOX owners would like for me to share my saved historic rosters to their memory cards. PM me and I would be glad to arrange it for you to send me your memory cards and I would copy my saves to your card and return it to you.

If you have action replay for XBOX, I can email you the files.

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Pretty cool Blitz!

I'm on XBox also. Not too woried about the historic teams thing but you have a Mac you might be interested in this....

Aquaduct Beta 3

Aquaduct is an Xbox tunneling application for Mac OS X. Using Aquaduct, you can play Xbox System Link-compatible games over the Internet.


I havent tried it yet but it seems like two people with XBox and OSX could use it to play Madden on line.

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Blitz,Do you have the All-Time Redskins roster names and everything?

I'm pretty sure of most but don't want to put the wrong guy in at a position...

Previous maddens had the jersey # pretty much right on,which made it much easier to decipher..

But 04' has them right on....

(well why dont i just put last years in this one?)you may ask???

Well,because I noticed all the recievers on the "All time team" are black...and If i remember correctly Wayne Millner (Hall of famer) was a white guy,so I just wanna be sure...

I like to be precise and accurate on even the race....

Nothing like a black john riggins rushing for 200 yards or a white art monk catching the game winner....No whata mean?

So if you are at pretty sure on the all time team roster then let me know if you could please...I got the other years from our very own roster data base(thank you guys very much,by the way)

I'm wondering if I can use them in a franchise??HMMMMM...

But I would much appreciate it Blitz...

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michael, I have not edited the all-time roster for the Skins, but I did notice that you can change just about every facet of the player you are editing.

Most of the players are topped out a 99 ranking so you can apply any name to them that you wish. Ex: The 3 QB's listed are each 99, so what I did was just make QB1: Sonny and adjusted the height, weight, jersey number, race, facemask, etc. to resemble Sonny and the same for QB2 and 3.

Same for the RB's. IMO the three greatest Redskins RB's off all time are 1) Riggins (edit accordingly) 2) Larry Brown 3) Brian Mitchell (edit each accordingly).

Or... you could go by the list of players found at www.redskins.com and open the page containing the list. To determine which players are which simply print out the list of players cross reference the list with the player information that is provided in the game. The game will tell you the players height and weight, use this info to determine how MADDEN has the players ranked - and just add the correct jersey number.

Also, when editing the older teams, be sure to edit the equipment so that Joe Theisman has the old single bar facemask and Riggo has the half cage, Joe Washington and Ken Houston with the old style 2 bar, etc. etc. It really add's to the authenticity when playing with the old teams. Oh, and make sure to play in the throwback uni's for the best affect.

I think RFK may even be available to choose from as a home stadium.

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I was playing those damn NE Pats today, and when a big ole glitch in the game occured.

I was kicking off to them, they grabbed the ball and fumbled on the 20 yard line, I recovered. However it was over turned on a penalty. So they got the ball back. But they game them the ball on my 20 yard line, so they were 20 yards from the endzone.

Something to look out for!

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