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Mark The Homer

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Greetings. And welcome to the Game Jersey Collector's Thread.

After talking this over with a couple other collectors, we've decided it might be cool to have a thread dedicated to showing off our collections. My thinking is, each collector will use one post to show off his collection. Each time he adds an item, he can add it to the post with the edit function. Naturally, the thread will also be filled with conversation, so this post will track all the collections via links so that those who want to see the collections don't have to read through the whole thread.

A collection can be as simple as a single jersey or several dozen. Whatever you have, if you'd like to share, tell us what you have, show us some pics, and tell us why you like the jersey. Every game jersey tells a story. What is it about your particular jersey that you like? And how about photo matches? Show them if you have them.

Thanks. :)

Edit: It might be unreasonable to use one post to show off an entire collection, so maybe we could use the advanced thread search feature to gather multiple posts. We'll see how it goes.

And thank-you for the FIVE-STARS rating, whoever you are. Somebody could have one-starred it and that would have sucked. :silly:

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PatrickKB's collection

Boss Hogg's collection

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BON511128.jpg]1989-1990 Brian Bonner Jersey

Below is the oldest game jersey I own. It's a 1989 / 1990 jersey made by MacGregor Sand-Knit.

Brian K. Bonner played linebacker for the Redskins in 1989. He played in six games.




I bought this jersey on eBay a good 7-8 years ago. I think I paid $70 for it. My intention was to change the nameplate to ARRINGTON and then wear it to games. I thought it would be cool, because no retail jersey was available with sleeves like that. But after I got it, I couldn't bring myself to destroy the integrity of the jersey. The jersey is, obviously, of a guy named Bonner.

This jersey is one of the main reasons I became a member of extremeskins.com. That's because extremeskins.com had this really cool database (a huge project dreamed up, coded, and installed by Blade and Die Hard) where you could just plug in a number and it would bring up every player in Redskins history who ever wore that jersey number. Seriously, there was no other database in the world that could do this. I had to register to use the database so, reluctantly, I registered with extremeskins, although I was already happily subscribed to the Wash-Redskins usenet newsgroup, and had been since 1999.

The extremeskins database soon was discontinued due to the merger, but about a year later somebody else had acquired (stole) the script and started a database to take its place:


Bonner is also listed on the roster here: http://www.jt-sw.com/football/pro/rosters.nsf/Annual/1989-was

Sadly, he apparently didn't make the team in 1990. He was placed in the waived-injured list on Aug. 29, 1990.

Interestingly, another collector, ES member lwiedy, posted in the "instant jersey info" thread that he believes most of the Redskins players wore MacGregor Sand-Knit jerseys for their final game in 1989 vs. the Seahawks. He said he had video evidence to support this. He bases this on the dramatic change in fonts on the jerseys between the next-to-last game vs San Diego, and the last game @ Seattle.

My problem with this assessment is, the team has routinely had individual jerseys with odd fonts thoughout games in the 80s (ref gettyimages.com). And the video lwiedy provides does not show a single instance of the "M" showing on a player's sleeve.

We know Russell Athletic supplied Redskins jerseys through the 80s into 1989 and we know MacGreggor Sand Knit supplied them in 1990, but did the team begin replacing the RA jerseys with MSK jerseys in late 1989?

This jersey has team repairs, so it was used at some point. And Bonner's game log shows that he did play in that 1989 game vs the Seahawks. However, this jersey may have been used during the 1990 pre-season before Bonner got waived on Aug 29, 1990 (Bonner was on the Ottowa Rough Riders the CFL starting in 1991). It also may have been used in both the 1989 Seattle game and the 1990 pre-season games. Either way, if lwiedy's theory is correct, this may be a 1989 jersey. But my gut feeling is it's a 1990 jersey.

What I like about the jersey is it is one of the first examples of the tight sleeve style, since that style first appeared in 1989. I also like the classic varsity font (as opposed to the straight font) that was used for names back then (the same font used in all three superbowl victories). The third thing I like about it is the MacGregor logo. These things make the jersey unique and collectible, since MacGregor only made Redskins jerseys for a year. :)


The team repair is cool too, because it shows the jersey was worn on the field.


MacGregor went bankrupt the following year, but the building and equipment were purchased by Ripon Athletic and Ripon began making Redskins jerseys. They're still making them today.

We don't see many jerseys from this period because there simply weren't that many. Game jerseys are expensive to manufacture (I once heard from a reputable source that the cost to the team for current [Reebok] jerseys is about $300 per jersey). Point is, they are made in America and they aren't cheap. So the team tried to get as much use out of each jersey as they could. They weren't marketed to collectors as they are now.

09000d5d80def8a3_thumbnail_120_150.jpg1992 Art Monk Retail Authentic Game Cut Jersey

My second oldest jersey is not technically a gamer, it's a game-cut jersey, which means it's a retail authentic jersey, but it's made exactly or almost exactly like a gamer. Same fonts, same fabric, and presumably made in the same building as the game jerseys. True game-cut jerseys are rare. This jersey was purchased at RFK Stadium in the early 90s. It's an Art Monk jersey, obviously, but most Authentic Art Monk jerseys don't have the correct number font. Note the curve at the top of the "1."




1991 was the first year the NFL shield was placed on Redskins jerseys. Art Monk considered himself working for the team, not the league, and he was against advertising for the league. So he would systematically remove the NFL shield from his jerseys. That's why he's missing the shield in the above superbowl photo.

BON511128.jpg]1999 Brown Jersey

This jersey was made in 1999, I bought it at the Stadium Store at FedExField for $50 quite a few years ago - back when the Stadium Store sold gamers on the rack. The player's name is Brown. There was a Jamie Brown on the team in 1999, so maybe it's him, although the redskins.DB shows him to have worn #73. There was also a player named Doug Brown on the team in 1999 who apparently wore #78. It could be his. Or maybe there was a third player named Brown who didn't make the team. This was almost certainly a pre-season jersey, due to the no-nameplate and heat press method of the name on back.

From what I can tell from my research, I believe Adidas game jerseys were made by Wilson in Tennessee - the same manufacturer that made the Wilson jerseys in 1997.

What makes Adidas game jerseys unique is their 3-D construction. If you try to lay an Adidas tight-sleeve jersey flat on a table, it won't lay flat. The jersey is designed to wrap snugly around shoulder pads. If you lay it on a flat service, the shoulders will curl up like an orange peel.

Note the Adidas number fonts of the 6 (and 9). It's different than the font used in 1990 and it's different than the font used today.


What I really like about the jersey is the gold Adidas logo. 1999 was the only year gold Adidas logos were used by the team, although there were left-overs used in 2000. In 2000, the logos switched colors to burgundy/white, the same colors as the letters. Why? I don't know for sure, but I suspect it was because they would be a little cheaper.


I also like the jock tag in 1999. It says "Authentic", although we all know the Authentic jerseys sold in stores, at nfl.com, redskins.com, etc., don't look anything like this. Maybe that's part of the reason Adidas changed the jock tag dramatically in 2000. Many game jersey jock tags include a year tab - not sure why mine does not.


4686.jpg1999 Jon Jansen Rookie Jersey



This jersey is tagged a size 54, but it's been customized dramatically. From what I've seen, Jon wears a 50. I suspect this might be a training camp jersey because I know players wear jerseys significantly oversized in training camp. I suspect this jersey was converted to a game jersey for the 1999 pre-season. There is a pair of diagonal folds on the front shoulders that run towards the bottom of the sleeves. They have been stitched from the inside. There is a similar pair of folds on the back shoulders that again, run diagonally from the middle of the neck to the armpits. The nameplate showing JANSEN is sewn on top of the customized folds. There is a full two inches taken in along one side of the jersey all the way from the arm pit to the hip. Since it's doubled, it's actually a four inch customization, making the jersey a size 50.

Here's a pic of Jon taken on Aug. 28th, 1999. Could this be a match? I believe so! If you look closely, you can see diagonal folds on the shoulders. How many Jansen jerseys do you suppose have a customization like this? Probably only one.


xt.fss.l.nfl.com-p.1546.gif2000 Brad Johnson Retail Authentic Game Cut Jersey

Around 2003 or so, I bought two jerseys from shop.redskins.com. Both were 2000 Authentic jerseys, and they were on sale for $40 each. I bought a white and a burgundy Brad Johnson jersey, both in size 46 which is what Brad wore. Both jerseys were in the same listing. Here is what I received:



Here is Brad on the field for comparison:


You would think the two jerseys would be similar except for the color - but they are not even close. The difference is, this burgundy jersey is a "game-cut" jersey. It has larger numbers everywhere, it's longer, and the logo is not a patch - it's embroidered onto the sleeves. The stripes are much bolder. All the screening on this jersey is much thicker. Inexplicably, the burgundy jersey is missing the NFL shield below the chin. I suspect they omitted the NFL shield to keep it from being confused with a game jersey although I've heard from a number of people who had purchased these previously with the NFL shield intact. Note the lack of retail loop tag behind the neck which is consistent with a game jersey. The horizontal seam is below the collar - and this is also consistent with game jerseys that have loose sleeves. Note the tabs at the jock tag - again - consistent with a game jersey but missing on most retail jerseys. This jersey was "Made in the USA", as indicated on the collar tag -- by Wilson as evidenced by its care tag sewn inside the side seam which is similar to a game jersey care tag during this period.

In the photo below, the care tag on the left is of my 1999 Brown Game jersey. The care tag on the right is of the 2000 retail authentic Brad Johnson game cut jersey.


It is obvious to me the two jerseys are almost certainly made in the same building.

I believe the team, in mid-2000, contracted with Adidas or Wilson to manufacture a number of Deion Sanders and Brad Johnson burgundy jerseys. Since game jersey manufacturers generally do not make retail jerseys except by special order, this explains the huge difference in quality between the white and burgundy retail jerseys of these two players.

The number font, i.e. the "4", is different than on the white jersey above but consistent with the "4" on Brad's game jersey. Even the care tag is the same as the gamers. I like this burgundy jersey because it's exactly like the actual game jersey Brad wore except for the missing NFL shield.

You might suspect the white jersey was actually a replica sent by mistake, but it's not, evidenced by the retail tags, the Adidas logo which is a patch stitched onto the jersey (not embroidered, not screened). Also, it was made in the USA.

There were a number of burgundy game-cut retail authentic jerseys sold like this for Brad Johnson and Deion Sanders. Beware of dishonest sellers on eBay who claim these jerseys are game-worn or team issued.

marshall-753878.jpg2001 Lemar Marshall Jersey

2001 was the year the team directed their jersey manufacturer to begin sewing numbers and letters onto their jerseys.


Above is the very first jersey that had ever been made for Lemar Marshall. I found it at the FedexField Stadium store maybe five years ago for $89.95. I like jerseys that tell a story: Lemar signed with the team on December 26th, 2001 for depth because Lavar Arrington was questionable due to a knee injury and the team had two regular season games left to play due to the season being extended due to the 9-11 attacks. With the game @ New Orleans only four days away, Lemar was signed. And since the team was scheduled to wear white, this jersey was made ready for Lemar's use @ New Orleans. As it turned out, although Lemar signed with the team and was listed on the 53-man roster, he was never activated for either of the remaining two games. Since Lemar was never activated, this jersey was never worn.

However, Lemar retained his position on the team through the off-season. Later that spring, the Redskins signed Pro Bowler Jessie Armstead from the Giants early in 2002 who wanted to keep his #98, and since Corey Raymer #52 left for San Diego at the same time, Lemar was assigned #52 and kept it for the next two years. Lemar was used mostly on special teams at first. He impressed coaches with his smarts and work ethic. In 2004, Armstead went to the Panthers and Raymer returned to the Redskins expecting to keep his #52, so Lemar was given back his original #98. He became a starter as linebacker on the #2 defense in the league (which ended the season ranked 4th), and eventually became the defensive quarterback in 2005 - going to the playoffs.


From NFL Film's CD "The Power And The Glory"

...It can be one man rising above the obscurity of the grim no-glory duty of special teams

It can be a lineman crawling through the carnage of the scrimmage line and devouring the quarterback...

At the time of his release in August 2007, Marshall was the longest-serving player on the defense. His underdog story symbolized the rise of the defensive unit in 2004 and 2005.

5942.jpg2002 Ladell Betts Rookie Jersey

Ladell Betts was drafted in the second round (56th overall) of the 2002 draft.

Starting in 2002, Redskins jerseys were again manufactured by Ripon Athletic under the Reebok logo , just as they had been during most of the 1990s under the Starter logo. The jerseys were changed significantly in 2002. They became all-spandex, instead of just the side panels.

I like this jersey because it is from Betts' rookie year. I also like it because 2002 is the only year that white Reebok jerseys were made missing the "REDSKINS" name on the front, which makes 2002 jerseys unique and collectible.

Note the sleeves. Although the cuffs are the tight style, the rest of the sleeve is longer and extends the cuffs away from the body of the jersey. This gives more room on the sleeve for the number, which is more bold on this jersey than the other type of tight sleeved jerseys.


There is no burgundy version of this style of jersey, since the team used a differently designed anniversary jersey in dark burgundy.


Ladell was cut following the 2009 season. He is ranked 9th in all-time career rushing yards for the Redskins franchise, and is the only running back in Redskins history to have achieved two 150 yard games back-to-back.

2606514.jpeg2002 Delbert Cowsette 70th Anniversary Jersey


This style jersey was the first to display "REDSKINS" on the chest.

I like this Cowsette jersey because it's a genuine 70th anniversary gamer of a fellow University of Maryland alum. Delbert Raymond Cowsette is a former American football defensive tackle in the National Football League. He was originally drafted in the seventh round of the 2000 NFL Draft out of the University of Maryland, College Park by the Washington Redskins. Although he was cut during training camp of 2000, he returned to play 16 games in both 2001 and 2002. In 2002 he acquired 15 tackles and 2 sacks.

The first sack was opening day at FedExField vs. the Cardinals. Redskins wore white. With eight minutes left in the 4th quarter and the Redskins ahead 31-23, Jake Plummer was sacked by Cowsette inches from the scrimmage line. Redskins ultimately won, 31-23.

The second sack was vs. the Rams at FedExField. The Redskins wore their 70th anniversary jerseys. Early in the third quarter with the Redskins ahead 14-10 on a 1st and 19 from their own 10 yard line, Kurt Warner was sacked by Delbert at the one yard line (he fell in the endzone but got forward progress) for a loss of nine yards which ultimately resulted in a punt and, six plays later, a Redskins touchdown (extra point aborted). Redskins win 20-17.


Below is Delbert in a pre-season game vs the Bucs:


Delbert was probably issued two 70th anni jerseys. It appears to me that the two jerseys pictured above are different, due to the placement of the 70th anni patch, relative to the "1." Although this isn't conclusive, I bet the jersey in the Rams game is my jersey.

Some people call these jerseys "throwbacks", but that's not really accurate. The Redskins never wore a jersey that looked like this. The team never wore numbers on the shoulders or arrowheads on the sleeves or Redskins on the chest (and no names on back either back in the day). The sleeves were longer back then too. The numbers on the shoulders are reminiscent of some other teams from the old days, but not the Redskins. "70th Anniversary jersey" is a better name for these.

6568.jpg2003 Gibran Hamdan Rookie Jersey


Above is Gibran Hamdan's jersey. I like it because it's a quarterback's jersey and it has the GSS patch. Burgundy jerseys were rare in 2003 because the team also, for one game, wore a version of the 2002 70th anniversary jersey, except that it had the GSS patch in place of the 70th anni patch. It was called the "alternate" jersey. Burgundy jerseys with the GSS patch are rare (I believe this style was only worn @ Dallas). It's also one of the few burgundy jerseys I own.


Like I said earlier, every jersey tells a story. Gibran Hamdan was the first player of Pakistani descent to ever play in the NFL. He was drafted in the 7th round of the 2003 draft. He was on the team's practice squad the first twelve weeks of his rookie season before being signed to the active roster for depth due to Patrick Ramsey being sidelined due to a foot injury. Hamdan suited up for the remaining five games, although he didn't play until December 27 against the Philadelphia Eagles, the final game of the season. He finally took the field in place of Tim Hasselbeck during the last two minutes of a 31-7 blowout by the Eagles, achieving one first down and going 1-for-2 for seven yards before being sacked for a two yard loss. Thus ended the game and a forgettable 5-11 season.

Hamdan was released by the Redskins in September 2004 following the pre-season.

He signed with a number of NFL teams through the rest of the decade including the Seahawks, 49ers, Dolphins, and Bills. During the offseasons, he played with NFL Europe.

Hamdan achieved particularly good success during the 2006 season in Europe. He was the starter on the undefeated 2006 Amsterdam Admirals when a broken ankle injury incurred on the first down of the first drive of game seven which cut short his season. However, at that point, he had surpassed Kurt Warner's franchise records. Through game 7, Hamdan was the league's leading passer and, although he didn't finish the season, he earned Offensive Most Valuable Player honors for the year. He started seven games and posted 102 completions of 162 attempts for a total of 1629 yards, 12 touchdowns and three interceptions, posting a perfect passer rating in the third game of the season. The Admirals went on to play in the league championship World Bowl (they lost, but maybe with Hamdan they would have won).


Hamdan holds the all-time record for passer rating for a season in NFL Europe at 113.4 surpassing the likes of Kurt Warner, Brad Johnson, Jake Delhomme, and Jon Kitna. Hamdan holds most NFL Europe all-time records as well as seasonal records. NFL Europe ceased operations after the spring season of 2007.

Hamdan was with the Buffalo Bills for the following three years.

In 2010, Hamdan voluntarily left the NFL in favor of playing as a starter in the CFL, but instead, shortly thereafter, elected to retire from football.

3334.jpg2003 Ethan Albright Jersey


Ethan Albright was signed to the Miami Dolphins as an undrafted free agent in 1994 but was inactive. Later that year, he was on the Green Bay practice squad. In 1995 he was back in Miami and he played in ten games. In 1996 he signed with the Buffalo Bills and thus began a stretch of fourteen years that he would play in every single game. In 2001 he signed with the Washington Redskins, beating out Joe Zelenka who had long-snapped in 2000 (who replaced the infamous Dan Turk).

Ethan has been a rock as a long snapper. He's been on the team for nine long years, and I personally am hoping he gets signed again in 2010, regardless of the fact that he's been cut already. I think Shanny needs to consider the fact that Ethan never screws up <cough> like Dan Turk <cough>. Regardless of the pressure, Ethan's long snaps are always spot on.

Don't let Ethan's bashful smile fool you.


If you piss him off, he'll come after you. Here's Ethan charging down the field like a raging bull:


In the 2007 version of EA Sports, Ethan was rated lower than any player in the entire NFL.


So here is Ethan's (fictional) response (warning: language):


Here's is real response:


Ironically, my man made the pro bowl the following February. How cool is that?


Seriously, how could any Redskins fan not love a gamer worn by the Red Snapper???

4907.jpg2003 Brandon Noble Jersey


Brandon Noble started his career as a free agent signed to the Forty Niners. After two years, he signed with the Dallas Cowboys and played in all regular season and post season games as defensive tackle. He became a full time starter on the Dallas Cowboys in 2002 before he signed with the Washington Redskins as a free agent on March 1, 2003. He suffered a season-ending left knee injury in the preseason and spent the year on injured reserve. In 2004, he returned from his injury to play in all 16 games, starting seven. He recorded 38 tackles (19 solo) with one sack (vs McNabb, 7 yard loss which ultimately resulted in a punt). The Redskins defense was rated second in the league late in the season, although they finished fourth. Noble was awarded the team's Ed Block Courage Award, given to the player who best persevered through injury. However, Noble injured his right knee in the 2005 preseason and was again placed on injured reserve for the remainder of the season.

He was released by the Redskins on March 10, 2006 and retired prior to the 2006 season.

3924.jpg2003 Renaldo Wynn Jersey


Renaldo Wynn was selected in the first round of the 1997 draft (21st overall) by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Wynn was acquired from the Jaguars in 2002 and started all sixteen games as Defensive End during each of the next three years.

Here is Renaldo Wynn's game jersey from 2003. This is one of the first jerseys I ever acquired which showed significant customization and game wear. Renaldo had the jersey on the left and right side of the upper chest taken in about an inch on each side, so that the jersey was even tighter than the size 46 would imply.



Many of the GSS patches on the 2003 jerseys that saw a lot of time on the field deteriorated along the edges and began to wear out and had to be re-stitched. I think the team made a mistake when picking out and stitching these patches since patches applied by Ripon Athletic don't have such issues. Although the initial stitching was straight, the repair stitching was the criss-cross stitch.


Renaldo achieved two sacks in 2003. Hosting the Patriots at FedExField, with 7:12 left to play in the 4th quarter and the Redskins ahead 20-10, 1st and 10 at the Washington 49 yard line, Tom Brady was sacked by Renaldo for a loss of eight yards. Three plays later, New England punted.

Below, Antowain Smith of the Patriots takes a hand off and attempts to run up the middle but is immediately taken down in the backfield for a three yard loss by Renaldo.


Redskins ultimately won, 20-17. New England went on to win the superbowl.

5227.jpg 2004 Matt Bowen Jersey


Matt Bowen, strong safety was drafted in the sixth round of the 2000 draft by the St. Louis Rams. He won St. Louis' Rookie of the Year award, appearing in all sixteen games and a playoff game. He signed with the Washington Redskins as a restricted free agent from the Green Bay Packers in March 2003. For the first time in his NFL career, Bowen started all 16 games in a season. He finished the season with 94 tackles (73 solo), three interceptions, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

In 2004, he started the first five games. He opened the season spectacularly by sacking Brad Johnson of Tampa Bay in the first quarter, forcing a fumble which was recovered by Cornelius Griffin at the Bucs 34 yard line and ultimately resulting in a field goal, giving the Redskins a ten point lead.

Late in the 4th quarter with Washington leading by three points, Bowen sacked Johnson again for a loss of nine yards, forcing a punt which led to a field goal by the Redskins. Redskins win 16-10.

During game 5, Matt suffered a torn ACL on his right knee on a special teams play. He was placed on injured reserve on Oct. 11th.

He is currently retired from football, and is a regular writer for the National Football Post.

In the photo above, you can see Matt Bowen's 2004 jersey is dramatically shortened. His jock tag is missing, of course. He also had the front collar folded and sewn under, presumably to allow body heat to escape easier. Most of his jerseys' collars aren't customized like this. I emailed him and asked him about this, and he indicated he probably wore the jersey when it was hot and humid indicating this jersey was probably worn in the pre season or early in the regular season. Cornelius Griffin and Chris Samuels have their jerseys customized this way as well. You can see the NFL shield has been removed and reattached lower.

3334.jpg2004 Ethan Albright Jersey




evans_demetric_redskins.jpg2005 Demetric Evans Jersey


Demetric Evans initially signed with the Cowboys in 2001 as an undrafted free agent. He played for Dallas for thee years before signing with the Redskins. He played for the Redskins 2004 through 2008. Demetric played in 16 regular season games and two playoff games in 2005.

This jersey has tons of repairs and paint transfers.

Front shoulders:


Photomatch, Nov 6. vs the Eagles, Demetric and Lavar celebrate forcing the Eagles to punt in the 4th quarter. Redskins win, 17-10.



Photomatch, Dec 4, 2005 @ St. Louis, first of the "five in a row or we don't go" run. Redskins win 24-9.


This bluish green paint transfer indicates that this jersey must have been worn for at least one of the two Seahawks games.


In the first playoff game @ Tampa Bay, Demetric acquired a sack of Chris Simms on the third play of the game, knocking the Bucs back eight yards and forcing a punt. Redskins ultimately won, 17-10.

6605.jpg2005 Antonio Brown Jersey

Excerpts from a Wash Post article in December, 2005:

One of five children, Brown grew up during the height of Miami's crack epidemic. Life on his block was punctuated by crime after crime.

Brown has 11 RIP tattoos that mention the names of dead friends and loved ones. He got the first when he was only 12.

"People look at Miami as South Beach, but they don't know what's on the other side of that bridge," said Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss, who spent 12 years in a less-menacing area of Liberty City. "Back in the day when we was growing up, drug gangs were always going against each other, and you could just be in the streets and end up caught in something. The man's done did it all and done seen it all and been through it all, and to keep pushing like he did is truly amazing."

"Antonio's name was always ringing in the streets," Moss said. "Everybody knew who he was because of what he could do on the field. He's a legend in South Florida."

Brown could start from a near standstill and leap to the top of a dumpster. He could take a running start and fly over the hood of a Pathfinder, clear the sport-utility vehicle and land on the other side. And he could do it effortlessly.

While at college in West Virginia, Antonio was an explosive return specialist, excelled on reverses and in the passing game. He led the team in receptions and receiving yards his junior season, and finished second to Moss in the 60-meter dash at the Big East track and field championships.

Antonio's first opportunity to play in the NFL came in March 2003, when the Buffalo Bills, having been alerted by scouts, offered Brown a tryout. It was there that he met Danny Smith, then the Bills' special teams coach. Three staff members timed Brown's 40-yard dash, and all three showed world-class results in the 4.20-second range. "I said if we're not going to sign this guy, then let's not ever time anyone else who ever comes in here, because if we're timing for speed, it ain't getting no better than this," Smith said.

The Bills signed Brown on March 25, he had a strong preseason and played in all 16 games for Buffalo. But head coach Gregg Williams (now Washington's assistant head coach-defense) was fired and he brought Smith with him to Redskins Park in 2004. Buffalo's new regime cut Brown during 2004 training camp, and when Redskins return specialist Chad Morton suffered a season-ending knee injury in November, Washington signed Brown at the recommendation of Smith.

Brown was inactive much of 2004, but played in the final three games, and the staff had high expectations for 2005. Brown made plenty of plays in the offseason practices, and was vying for a spot in the bottom of the wide receiver rotation, then began dropping balls late in the preseason and his return yardage slipped. He fumbled a kickoff in the first game of the season against Chicago, and when the Redskins needed to make room for Nick Novak on their roster that week, Brown was let go.

The Redskins re-signed Brown around Thanksgiving, needing a returner with James Thrash and Ladell Betts injured.

Brown was solid in his first two games, working back into football shape after a long layoff. Then came his kickoff return @ Arizona.

"I know I can inspire all the kids because the people back home that know me, they see that same dude who in 1992 was in high-speed chases with 100 police cars behind me, and that's the same dude now you see playing football on TV.

Continued here (a great read): http://extremeskins.com/showpost.php?p=6622930&postcount=14571


On Dec. 11 2005 @ the Arizona Cardinals, with 3 and a half minutes to play in the third quarter with the Cardinals taking the lead with a Neil Rackers field goal 13-10, the Cardinals kicked off to Antonio Brown. Antonio streaked down the field like a lightening bolt, scoring what ultimately became the winning touchdown. As he ran down the field, he blew kisses to some of the Redskins fans he saw seated in the stands.


Redskins win, 17-13.

This jersey was worn in the Cardinals game and the Seattle playoff game the following month. Seeing the black marks on the shoulders indicates it was probably worn vs. the Bucs, since I know white jerseys vs. the Bucs get black marks from the Bucs' face masks. This jersey may well have been worn in all seven games Antonio played in, in 2005.

Photomatch vs Cards:


Photomatch vs Eagles:


Photomatch vs Bucs (playoffs):



Photomatch @ Seattle (playoffs):



6046.jpg 2005 Robert Royal Jersey


Robert Royal was drafted by the Redskins in the 5th round of the 2002 draft. He played tight end and started in 14 regular games in 2005 and two playoff games.

This jersey is pretty hammered. Lots of repairs and paint transfers.

Right front shoulder:


Left back shoulder:


Here's a wonderful photo-match I found. This is Robert during the Oct 2, 2005 Seattle game. Royal caught a touchdown pass during this game. This jersey has been worn in multiple games and has been washed multiple times, so most of the paint transfers have worn off. Washington beat Seattle 20-17 in overtime on a Nick Novak field goal.



Another match - Oct 16 @ KC:


Another match - Oct 30 @ NY Giants:



Another match - Dec 4th vs Rams where Robert caught four receptions for forty yards:


These Seahawks and Rams games above are two of the best games Robert played in 2005.

Another match - Jan 1, 2006 vs Eagles:


Another match - Jan 14, 2006 @ Seattle:


5088.jpg 2005 Marcus Washington Jersey



Marcus Washington was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the second round of the 2000 draft. He played linebacker for the following four years, but left because the Colts were unable to make him an adequate offer due to the expected cost of re-signing Peyton Manning. Marcus signed with the Redskins in March of 2004 and promptly made the pro bowl. He subsequently made the pro bowl as an alternate in 2005 and 2006.

Above is Marcus Washington's 2005 jersey. It exhibits excellent wear all over, especially in the left front shoulder and right back shoulder. I like this jersey because Marcus made the pro-bowl the year earlier, and the 2005 team was a playoff team. This jersey was one of the first I was able to photo-match. It's often easier to photo-match some of these older jerseys of star players because they were worn in multiple games, and therefore, have lots of team repairs and lots of photos. Pre-2006, the star player jerseys were not retired after one game like they are now.

Below are a few photo matches of Marcus during the Seattle Seahawks game on Oct. 2nd.







Here's a match of the same jersey being worn Oct 16 @ KC:


On Oct 22, Marcus wore this jersey vs San Francisco. Here's a fabulous photo match of Marcus sacking SF QB Alex Smith forcing a fumble with 1:10 left in the first half. Phillip Daniels recovered the fumble on the SF 19 yard line. Very next play, Brunell threw a pass to Mike Sellers - TOUCHDOWN WASHINGTON REDSKINS. Redskins would win, 52-17.




The following game was at the Meadowlands. Photomatch:


Piling between the shoulder blades and a faded swatch tag is a sign of heavy use in multiple games:


You can see paint colors of blue, bluish-green, purple, red, and gold. This jersey has literally dozens of team repairs, indicating it was used in a number of games.


The blue transfer - the first one - just above the reebok logo - must have been acquired during the game @ New York Giants Oct. 30th. I don't know where else the blue would have been picked up. The Giants game was right after the Niners game. The mark above that is more of a bluish-green color and is from Seattle.

I believe this jersey was probably retired after the Giants game.

This jersey was worn during the 2005 game vs. Seattle (among others). Redskins won in overtime, 20-17, on a Nick Novak field goal.


Novak_Nick2.jpg 2005-2006 Nick Novak Rookie Jersey


Novak enrolled at the University of Maryland in 2001. It was during a nationally televised game against Georgia Tech that the then-redshirt freshman established himself, successfully completing a 46-yard field goal to send the game into overtime. In overtime, Novak connected on a 26-yard field goal that ultimately won the game for a resurgent Terrapin team. Nick would go on to establish himself as one of the more consistent and clutch kickers in the country; his leg keyed comeback victories against North Carolina State in 2002 and 2003. Accordingly, he was frequently an all-conference specialist and a mainstay on the Lou Groza watchlist. During the first game of his senior season, he became the ACC's all-time leading scorer, kicking a field goal allowing him to surpass Scott Bentley's career total of 324 points. Novak ultimately ended his college career with 393 points, best in the ACC and fifth-best all-time amongst kickers in the NCAA.

While at Maryland, Novak was a two-time member of the All-ACC Academic Football team, a three-time member of the ACC Honor Roll and made Maryland's Dean's List on three occasions.

He was awarded the Jim Tatum Award by the ACC, given annually to the top senior student-athlete among the league's football players. He remains the only Maryland player to receive that award. Said Maryland Coach Ralph Freidgen, "I don't think there could have been a more deserving recipient for the Tatum Award than Nick Novak. Everything he does in his life is toward the goal of perfection. It has been a pleasure to see the effort that he has given both on the field and in the classroom and he is a tremendous example of the type of person and player we are looking for at the University of Maryland."

Nick Novak graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park in 2005 holding the record as the leading scorer in ACC history. Nevertheless, he was cut by both the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys prior to the 2005 regular season opener.

The Redskins played the Cowboys twice during the games Nick was on the roster, and the Redskins won twice. :)

During week 2, the Redskins released Antonio Brown and signed Nick Novak to replace the injured kicker John Hall. Nick played in five games before Hall became healthy enough to return to the team.

The Week 2 @ Cowboys game in 2005 started off slow with the Redskins offense - the first nine drives resulting in Punt, Interception, Punt, Punt, Fumble, Punt, Punt, Punt, and Punt. Being a Monday Night game, most of the Redskins fans watching on TV in the DC area gave up and went to bed. It's too bad, because the next two drives resulted in dramatic touchdowns, and Nick kicked both extra points, including the game winning extra point with just over two minutes to play. These were the first two points Nick had earned in his NFL career. Below is a photo of Nick kicking the winning point (Ethan Albright snaps, Andy Groom holds).


On the ensuing kickoff, with the score 14-13, the Dallas kick returner Tyson Thompson ran up the sideline past the other Redskins tacklers leaving one Redskins player to stop him from scoring. Nick knocked him out of bounds at the Washington 48 yard line, saving the game.


Three plays later, Sean Taylor saved the game again by knocking the ball loose in what would have been a disastrous first down reception by putting the Cowboys in field goal range.


Redskins win 14-13 in what became known as "The Monday Night Miracle."

The following game, Nick kicked an overtime winning field goal at FedExField to beat the Seahawks (Ethan Albright snaps, Derrick Frost holds).

500 redskinsnovak55838854.jpg

When kicker John Hall became healthy, Novak was cut, although his two white game jerseys were saved, apparently in the anticipation of his possible return. He signed with the Cardinals and played in five games, making three field goals on three attempts. He was cut during the 2006 pre-season and was unemployed during the first five weeks of the 2006 season. During Week 6, Hall was re-injured and Nick returned to the Redskins roster to play six games. He was reissued his same white game jerseys he had used in 2005.

Against the Cowboys in 2006, Nick kicked a winning 47 yard field goal with :00 on the clock in what is now known as the "Hand Of God" game (Ethan Albright snaps, Derrick Frost holds).


Nick was eventually cut in favor of Shawn Suisham.

I bought this jersey because it was authenticated as being worn during the dramatic "Hand of God" win vs the Cowboys on Nov. 5, 2006. It includes a game-specific COA from the team. It is actually tagged as a 2004 jersey although it was worn in 2006. This is not a single-game jersey, and it is unusual to have a multi-game jersey certified for a single game, but nonetheless, this jersey is photo-matched for the 2006 Cowboys game at FedExField.

Interestingly, I also have a photo match of this same jersey being worn for the Seattle Seahawks game in 2005 when we won in overtime on a Novak field goal.

Examining all the photos I can find, it is apparent to me that Nick was issued two white jerseys during his two-season, 12-game span with the Redskins. Out of those twelve games, I've photo-matched this jersey with six games: vs. Seattle '05, @ Kansas City '05, vs. Dallas '06, vs Tennessee '06, @ Indianapolis '06, and @ Tampa Bay '06. I haven't been able to include or exclude the jersey in any other games because I can't find good enough photos. It's very possible he wore this jersey for every game. However, he had another white jersey that may have just hung in his locker (I have that one, too) as a backup (as a backup). That jersey appears to have a scuff mark on the back shoulder. Could it be this other jersey was used for Nick's NFL debut @ Dallas in 2005? That scuff may have occurred when Nick knocked the kick returner out of bounds. I may never know for sure.

Kicker Shawn Suisham was signed to the Redskins practice squad on Nov. 22nd. Vs the Panthers on Nov. 26, Nick missed a 37 yard field goal. Redskins lost 17-13. On Dec. 2nd, the team signed Suisham to the active roster. Nick's last game was vs. Atlanta on Dec. 3, 2006. The team suited up two kickers, Nick and newcomer Suisham. Nick stood on the sidelines but didn't play. Suisham attempted one field goal, for 50 yards, but missed it wide left. Nonetheless, Nick was released the following day.

It seems a burgundy Novak jersey was never made since Novak wasn't scheduled to play in any burgundy jersey games.




5071.jpg 2006 Cornelius Griffin "Hand of God" Jersey



Cornelius Griffin was drafted by the New York Giants in the second round (42nd overall) of the 2000 draft. "His workouts were unbelievable. We saw him as a certain first-rounder", said Giants General Manager Ernie Accorsi. He became a starter in 2001.

Cornelius was signed by the Redskins as an unrestricted free agent in March 2004. He started in fifteen games in 2004 and twelve games in 2005, playing in thirteen.

In 2006, Griff started the season but suffered a hip injury during the Week 5 game and missed the next two games - vs Titans and @ Colts. Then came the bye week. Cornelius returned to the active lineup vs the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 5th.

This unwashed jersey was worn only once - in the Nov. 5, 2006 "Hand of God" game vs. the Cowboys - and then retired. It was delivered to me in a large zip-lock bag. Like Bowen's jersey, the NFL shield had been removed and re-sewn lower and then the front collar had been folded in sewn . The jersey's tail was also shortened. I like this jersey, partly because it was in a memorable Redskins victory vs. the Cowboys, and partly because it looks (and smells) like it has been in a war.

Cornelius enjoyed his best game of the year and the second best game of his six-year Redskins career while wearing this jersey vs. the Cowboys, registering eight tackles (five of them solo) and a sack. His sack of Tony Romo was midway in the third quarter on 2nd-and-10 resulting in a loss of nine yards and, ultimately, a punt. Griff was also on the kick blocking team during the second to last play of the game, and blocked for Sean Taylor.


The yellowish stain running down between the numbers is probably snot.


This is blood - probably from the knuckles of the Cowboys lineman's right hand.


I believe the blood belonged to Cowboys right guard Marco Rivera. Blood is obvious on the front of his jersey.


The large ring of a sweat stain from the neck is obvious on the back of the jersey.


Here's a couple photo-matches. See the grass stain between the numbers on the left shoulder.


Also, you can see a spot of Cowboy blood in the left upper corner of the mesh. You can also barely see a swipe of silver paint transfer on the "9."




This jersey has three thermopatches applied by the team in layers. The two underneath are for the Titans and Colts games which Griffin couldn't play due to his hip injury.

5540.jpg2006 Casey Rabach Jersey


Rabach was drafted in the third round of the 2001 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens. By the 2004 season he was the starting center for the team. After 2004, he left Baltimore as a free agent for Washington.

Rabach has started 79 of 80 regular season games and three post-season games since joining the Redskins. Rabach’s presence has been a key because he calls adjustments at the line of scrimmage. At 6-4 and 295 pounds, he also has good mobility to pull on run plays and screen passes. Rabach signed a three year contract with the Redskins in March, 2010, worth $12.3 million.

Here is Casey Rabach's jersey from 2006.

Lots of repairs and paint transfers on both shoulders:


I got real lucky picking up this jersey for only $150 - it's one of those "diamond in the rough" purchases. You'd think, since Rabach started sixteen games, that his jerseys would be game-specific, and be retired unwashed after each game. But apparently Rabach isn't on that list, since this jersey has a prominent tear/repair just to the right of the number "1" on the front of his jersey, and he has another smaller repair to the left of the number "6" on the front. These repairs have shown up in multiple game photos.



vs New York Jets, Aug 19 (the jersey was new):


@ Giants Oct 8:


vs. Titans Oct 15:



@ Colts Oct 22:


vs. Cowboys "Hand of God" game Nov 5:


@ Bucs Nov 19:


vs Panthers Nov 26:


vs Falcons Dec 3:


That's eight games. And I can't find any photos of Casey for any games in 2006 that show he didn't wear this jersey. For all I know, this jersey may have been worn for every game in 2006. I just can't find any more photos of Casey to prove or disprove it.

6417.jpg2006 Derrick Dockery Jersey (vs. Vikings, vs. Cowboys, and other games)

Derrick was drafted in the third round (81st pick overall) of the 2003 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins. In 2003, he began his rookie season as a backup at several positions along the offensive line, including left guard and right tackle. He was inserted into the starting lineup in Week 4 against the New England Patriots at left guard, which was his first career NFL start. He would go on to start the final 13 games of the regular season at left guard. In 2004, he began a string of starts with the Redskins that spanned the next four years straight, starting at left guard for the Redskins, teaming with left tackle Chris Samuels to form a solid tandem on the left side of the offensive line.

When he became free agent prior to the 2007 season, he signed with the Buffalo Bills for a 7-year, $49 million contract with an $18 million signing bonus, the third largest in NFL history at his position. He was released on February 26, 2009. On February 27, 2009, he was a Redskin once again, signing a five year, $26.5 million contract, and has started every game since.

This jersey has no thermopatch and plenty of wear.


Right chest:


Left upper shoulder:


The "white" you see to the left of the obvious greenish paint transfer is a white paint transfer.

Here's a photo-match of this jersey being worn by Derrick during the season opener:


And here's a wonderful photo-match of Derrick during the Hand Of God game vs. the Cowboys, Nov. 5th:



Although he wears a 46, he's got the extra long jersey, which is understandable for a guy who's 6'6 and 315 lbs.


6417.jpg2006 Derrick Dockery Jersey (@ Bucs, vs Panthers, and others)


Found this wonderful match of this jersey being worn by Derrick @ Tampa Bay before I purchased:


The jersey appears to be new for this game. There are no repairs that I can see. I was able to base the match on the ****eyed placement of REDSKINS on the chest...


...and the number burgundy and gold stitches on the left sleeve cuff:






Later in the game, the jersey began getting marked from the Bucs' black facemasks:


6417.jpg2006 Derrick Dockery Jersey (vs. other games)

dcp6454s.jpg dcp6455s.jpg


I have not found any photo-matches for this jersey.

Yet. :)

7922.jpg2006 Reed Doughty Rookie Jersey


Reed was selected in the sixth round of the 2006 draft. He wore #23 through mid-October, but was assigned #37 when Troy Vincent joined the team on October 16th. He started at free safety following the death of his teammate, Sean Taylor, in November, 2007.

This was probably tagged as a 2004 jersey, evidenced by the sleeves among other things. Oddly, the year/size swatch is missing. It was apparently removed by the team (I have another 2006 jersey that is also obviously a 2004 jersey that ALSO has a missing swatch, which makes me think these were removed so that they could be sewn onto future gamers [not worn] to be auctioned on nflauction.nfl.com, but we'll save that conspiracy theory for some other thread).

Reed Doughty delivered a particularly hard hit to the New Orleans Saints' Michael Lewis on December 17, 2006 while covering a kickoff. This hit made ESPN's Jacked Up! segment on Monday Night Football the following day.

4686.jpg2006 Jon Jansen Jersey


Jon Jansen, 6'6 302 lb right tackle from Michigan, was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the second round (37th pick overall) of the 1999 NFL Draft. Jon had earned the nickname "The Rock" at the University of Michigan for anchoring and being a fixture at right tackle. The Michigan Wolverines won the National Championship in 1997, Jon's junior year.

Jon would become a valuable addition to a Redskins offensive line that allowed 31 sacks compared with a franchise record 61 in 1998. Jon "has been everything and more than we expected" said Offensive Line Coach Russ Grimm in late August 1999. "We went into the off-season knowing we needed a tackle, left or right," Grimm said. "We had Jon rated high and we moved up in the second round to get him. He is, by far, way ahead of a lot of the offensive line. The guy is smart, he's tough, and he's a hard worker. But he's also football smart, so instincts and awareness and things like that are a big plus in his favor."

He started all 16 regular-season games and both playoff games. He made a huge impact in mini-camp, training camp and the preseason, impressing coaches with his ability to grasp the Redskins system. He was part of an offensive line that earned game balls for allowing no sacks in a 50-21 win over the Giants in Week 2.

On an offensive line decimated with injuries, Jansen didn't miss a snap in 2000. He was one of four players on offense to start each game in his first two years in the league (34), including two playoff contests. His blocking helped Stephen Davis rush for 1,318 yards.

Jansen started all 16 games for the third straight season in 2001. He earned the game ball, along with the rest of the offensive line, for making way for the offense to rush for a season-high 226 yards in Redskins 27-14 win over Seattle (11/4). He and the unit earned another game ball for their outstanding play in Week 16 after the Redskins beat the Saints 40-10. Jansen's blocking helped running back Stephen Davis eclipse the team record with 1,432 yards rushing, third in the NFL and first in the NFC.

Jansen was voted by his teammates as the 'Unsung Hero' of the Redskins for 2002. He was regarded as one of the best tackles in the NFL and part of the best bookend tandem of tackles when paired with Pro Bowler Chris Samuels. A relentless worker, Jansen helped the Redskins offense rush for 1,889 yards.

Jansen started all 16 games in 2003 at right tackle for the fourth straight season, living up to his nickname: "The Rock". He had started 82 straight contests (including 2 playoff games) as a pro after starting 50 straight games in his college career at Michigan. Jansen continued to be a solid performer at right tackle, teaming with new right guard Randy Thomas to open up holes and protect Redskin quarterbacks. In Week 1 vs. New York Jets, he helped open holes for the Redskins to rush for 160 yards. In Week 2 at Atlanta, he helped the Redskins total 435 yards and 125 rushing yards. In Week 3 vs. New York Giants, he helped the Redskins total 456 yards and 124 rushing yards. He continued his rivalry with Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Strahan by limiting him to two tackles and no sacks. In a Week 10 game against Seattle, he helped the Redskins offense compile 379 total yards and 137 rushing yards. In Week 13 game against the New Orleans Saints, he helped the Redskins to 392 total yards and 161 rushing yards, opening holes for Trung Canidate who logged 115 rushing yards.

Jansen suffered a ruptured left Achilles tendon injury in the Redskins' preseason opener on Aug. 9, 2004 against the Denver Broncos. He was placed on the team's injured reserve list shortly after having surgery to repair the injury.

Jansen returned from the Achilles injury to start all 16 games and two playoff games in 2005. He joined with right guard Randy Thomas to develop a dominant right side of the offensive line. He also helped running back Clinton Portis rush for a single-season team record 1,516 yards. In Week 1 vs. Chicago, he helped the Redskins' offense rush for 164 yards, led by Clinton Portis's 121 rushing yards on 21 carries. In Week 7 vs. San Francisco, he helped the Redskins' offense rush for 204 yards, led by Clinton Portis's 101 rushing yards and Ladell Betts' 92 yards. In Week 13 at St. Louis, he was part of an offensive line that compiled a season-high 257 rushing yards. Clinton Portis had 136 rushing yards and two TDs, while Rock Cartwright had 118 rushing yards on nine carries.

Jansen started fifteen games in 2006, missing the @ New Orleans game of week 15 due to a calf injury which had been bothering him throughout the year.

Jansen was given a new contract after the conclusion of the 2006 season on February 7, 2007.

Above is Jon Jansen's jersey. It's a game-specific unwashed jersey worn vs Philadelphia on Dec. 10, 2006 at FedExField. This is the first game-specific jersey I ever bought.

2485.jpg 2006 Mark Brunell Jersey


Mark Brunell was selected by the Green Bay Packers in the 5th round of the 1993 NFL Draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars acquired him in early 1995 for a third and fifth draft pick in the 1995 draft.

During his years in Jacksonville, Brunell was selected to the Pro Bowl three times, in 1997, 1998, and 2000 and was awarded the Pro Bowl MVP in the 1997. With Brunell starting, the Jaguars won an AFC Central Division title and became the first NFL expansion team to make the playoffs three times in its first four seasons of play. The furthest he led the team was to the 1996 AFC Championship Game, which they lost to the New England Patriots. They returned again in 1999, but would lose to the Tennessee Titans.

Mark was traded to Washington prior to the 2004 season. He started the first game in 2004, although he was eventually benched during game 9 in favor of Patrick Ramsey after , he regained his starting position during the first game of 2005 season due to a minor neck injury incurred by Ramsey. The Redskins hadn't scored a touchdown in week 1, so although they had won their opening game 9-7, the undefeated Cowboys were heavy favorites in week 2.

Here's what happened:


Mark started in the last fifteen regular season games and two playoff games in 2005.

In 2006, Mark retained his starting position, and kept it through the first ten games.

In Week 3 @ Houston, Mark broke the NFL record for consecutive passes. He threw 22 consecutive completions through the first three quarters before throwing an incomplete to Brandon Lloyd at the first play of the 4th quarter (ironically, this record was tied eight weeks later by David Carr of those same Houston Texans). Brunell also set the franchise record for highest completion percentage in a single game (88.9%). The previous record had been held by Hall Of Fame quarterback Sammy Baugh for 66 years (87.5%).

Mark enjoyed a wonderful win during week 9 vs. Dallas in what became known as the "Hand of God" game.

After week 10, Mark lost his starting position to Jason Campbell.

I couldn't resist this Mark Brunell. I had bought one from www.jimyackel.com for $450 the day after the Monday Night Miracle vs Cowboys in Sept. 2005. It wasn't customized - I think it was just a presentation jersey. Still, it was really cool, and I wore it to every home game while Mark was a starter. After Mark was benched, I sold it on eBay to some Japanese dude in Yokohama for $390. But I was always kind of sorry. I missed that jersey. Then, when I got the opportunity to buy another customized one for $300, it was too hard to pass up. Mark started the first nine games in 2006. Since all of Mark's on-field game jerseys were thermo-patched and retired unwashed after each game, I'm sure this is just a clipboard jersey. But that's okay. :)


3334.jpg2006 Ethan Albright Jersey


This Albright jersey is unusual in that it actually has dirt on it - on the left shoulder and left lower side. It's very possible Ethan wore this for the Hand of God game. I can't imagine he was issued more than two white jerseys in 2006 - and maybe he only had one.





3116.jpg2007 Todd Collins 75th Anniversary Jersey






Todd Collins played college football at Michigan. He holds the record for the best career completion percentage (64.28%) in Michigan history. He also had passed for at least 200 yards in 14 games, the most of any player in Wolverines history to that point.

Todd was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the second round (45th overall) of the 1995 NFL Draft. He was with Buffalo for three years. The first two years, he played in fourteen games with four starts. In the third year, he won the starting position in training camp and played in fourteen games (thirteen starts).

He then joined the Kansas City Chiefs in 1998 where he would stay for eight years. For his first three seasons with the Chiefs, he was the third string QB behind Rich Gannon and Warren Moon. For the period between 2001 and 2005, he was the back up QB, seeing action in twelve games.

On March 14, 2006, Collins was signed by the Washington Redskins to a two-year, $2.5 million contract. Todd was brought in because of offensive coordinator Al Saunders having knowledge of Collins and knowing Collins could assist as a signal caller and backup - and could operate Saunders' 700 page playbook offense efficiently, if needed in a pinch.

On December 6, 2007 vs the Chicago Bears, Collins replaced Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell who became injured in the first half. Taking charge of a team depleted by injuries and drained by the shooting death of safety Sean Taylor only nine days earlier, Collins completed 15 of 20 passes for 224 yards and two touchdowns, leading the Redskins to a 24-16 victory. Collins won NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors for his performance against the Chicago Bears. Coach Joe Gibbs was particularly pleased with the performance saying "I don't know that I've ever had a better performance coming off the bench. Ever."

Following the victory over the Bears (which improved the Redskins to 6–7), Collins led the Redskins to three more consecutive victories to closeout the regular season. Those victories were over the New York Giants, the Minnesota Vikings, and a 27–6 win over the Dallas Cowboys in the season finale. The Redskins' four straight victories at the end of the season left them with a 9-7 record, securing the Redskins' bid for a wild card playoff berth against the Seattle Seahawks. Collins finished the season with a quarterback rating of 106.4. Collins' success can be attributed to the fact that he had been studying under Offensive Coordinator Al Saunders' offensive scheme since 2001.

Following completion of the regular season, Todd was voted NFC Offensive Player of the Month for December. Collins accomplished this under the same Offensive Line, same Running Backs, same Wide Receivers and same Tight Ends as starter Jason Campbell, who ended his season with 5 wins and 7 losses.

In the wild card playoff game against the Seahawks, Collins completed 29 of 50 passes for 266 yards and two touchdowns. Down late in the fourth quarter, he threw two interceptions, both of which were returned for touchdowns by the Seahawks defense. These were Collins' first interceptions since the 1997 season. The Redskins lost the game by a score of 35–14, eliminating them from further postseason competition.

In 2008 and 2009, Collins was again backed up Jason Campbell. On February 29, 2008, despite interest from the Jacksonville Jaguars, Collins was re-signed by the Redskins. His three-year contract was worth an estimated $9 million. Collins took no snaps in the 2008 season. In the 2009 season he saw action in three games as a backup, throwing 12 for 23 for 144 yards. On March 4, 2010, Todd was released by the Redskins.

Collins has spent the majority of his NFL career as a backup quarterback. He holds the NFL record for longest gap between starts in post-merger history, ten years and two days.

I like this jersey because it's the 75th anni jersey which is collectible, of course, but also because this was the year Collins took the team into the playoffs, even if he just held a clipboard for this particular game. This jersey has custom tailoring under the arms, making the sleeves looser.

These 75th anni jerseys were sold with the pants and socks too.


All the 75th anni jerseys are game-specific, some were thermopatched by the team, but none are unwashed. Apparently the team thought it was possible they might want to wear them again during 2007, so these jerseys were washed. As it turns out, these were never worn again.

5492.jpg2007 Fred Smoot Jersey

Smoot was drafted by the Washington Redskins as the 14th pick in the second round (45th pick overall) of the 2001 NFL Draft out of Mississippi State. Many believed he was a first-round caliber player but because of questionable off-the-field problems many teams shied away from him. Afterwards, he proclaimed himself to be the steal of the draft. In Smoot's four years with the Redskins, he collected 16 interceptions, and formed an impressive duo with Champ Bailey. He wore #21.

He joined the Vikings as a free agent in 2005. Upon Fred leaving the team, Sean Taylor changed his jersey number from his rookie number 36 to #21.

While with the Vikings, Fred became involved in several off-field issues and did not have the success he had enjoyed with the Redskins. He was released from the Vikings on March 1, 2007. On March 3, 2007, the Redskins signed Smoot to a five-year deal worth $25 million. In 2007, Fred started in 11 games, playing in 13.

Fred was a fan favorite, with the home crowd yelling "SMOOOOOOOT" when he made a play. He was known for his quick wit and quotes. Prior to the game at Seattle, he stated "They have their twelfth man, and we have ours," referring to his teammate Sean Taylor who had been gunned down weeks earlier. Another quote: "75 percent of the world is covered by water. The rest is covered by Smoot."

He was released on March 4, 2010.

The 2007 jerseys all came with the 75th anniversary patch. This one is the smallest jersey I own. It's a size 42, but it's also custom shortened. It's basically the size of a small T shirt. It's just tiny.


It's a game-specific jersey. Fred wore this vs the Eagles at FedExField on Nov. 11. He registered four tackles. Here's the only pic I can find of Fred in this game:


6119.jpg2007 Rock Cartwright "21" Jersey


Roderick Rashaun Cartwright was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the seventh round of the 2002 NFL Draft. He played college football at Kansas State where he played fullback.

He was primarily used on special teams. In 2006, Rock broke the Redskins' single-season kickoff return yards record with 64 returns for 1,541 yards. In 2007, Rock finished second in the NFC in kick return yard average. In the eight years he was with the team, he had missed only five games. He was released on March 4, 2010.

I like this jersey because Rock was a great Redskin - Coach Gibbs considered him a "core Redskin." Sometimes it's fun to get a jersey from a non-starter because there is a good chance it was used in multiple games. I like this because it has the "21" of course, but also because I have a great photo match of it.

Rock wore this jersey @ Seattle in the playoffs in January 2008 - a game I attended.


7185.jpg2008 Carlos Rogers "GU" Jersey (@ Giants)


Carlos Rogers went to Auburn. He was timed at 4.31 in the 40 yard dash in the 2005 NFL Combine. He was selected in the first round (9th overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins.

Rogers made his first NFL regular season start on October 2, 2005 vs. Seattle in an overtime win against the Seattle Seahawks during which he had seven tackles (five individual) and one forced fumble.

In 2008, Rogers returned from a knee injury from the previous season and started in the first game, @ the New York Giants.


Besides wearing the new NFL shield, all the teams in the league wore "GU" on their jerseys for the first game in 2008 in honor of Gene Upshaw who had recently passed away. A handful, maybe five teams (e.g. Raiders), continued wearing the patch after the season opener, but not the Redskins. Most teams removed the patch from all their jerseys after the opening game. "GU" jerseys are rare and collectible.

5937.jpg2008 Clinton Portis Jersey (vs. New Orleans, first half)


Clinton Portis wore this jersey vs the New Orleans Saints at FedExField on September 14, 2008. With New Orleans leading in the second half 17-9, Portis and Santana Moss scored three touchdowns between them to win 29-24. Achieving two rushing touchdowns, Clinton moved ahead of Larry Brown for fourth place on the Redskins' all-time list with 36 touchdowns.

If found this at the Stadium Store shortly after management of all Redskins Stores were transferred to a private company. It seemed grossly underpriced at $699, especially considering the huge fancy frame, the NFL photo print, and the engraved brass plate at the bottom. Portis game used jerseys by themselves generally sell for considerably more than this.

Photomatch, early first half:


Photomatch, late first half:


Interestingly, after studying various photos, I discovered Clinton removed this jersey at halftime and put on another jersey. He also removed his elbow pads and changed his gloves as well. I'm not sure why he did this. It was 90 degrees that day, so maybe the reason he changed them is they were drenched with sweat. Just guessing.

Second half:


Clinton was drafted out of the University of Miami in the second round (51st overall) of the 2002 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos.

Portis rushed for over 1,500 yards in each of his first two seasons with the Broncos, averaging 5.5 yards per carry in that span. The latter is an NFL record for a running back's first two seasons. On December 12, 2002, Portis became the youngest player (21 years, 105 days) to score 4 touchdowns in a game in a 31-24 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. The very next season on December 7, 2003, Portis became the youngest player (22 years, 97 days) to score 5 touchdowns.

Before the 2004 season, the Broncos traded Portis to the Redskins for cornerback Champ Bailey and a second-round draft pick in the 2004 NFL Draft which the Broncos used to select Tatum Bell (and Bell wore Portis's number 26 in Denver). The Redskins signed Portis to an eight-year contract worth $50.5 million. At that time, there were criticisms regarding the trade, namely that shut-down corners like Bailey were hard to come by and that adding a second-round pick for Portis was too much and one-sided. Critics also felt that Portis was simply a product of the Broncos' O-line scheme, and would not have much success in Washington, which was usually suited to more physical, power runners (such as Stephen Davis or John Riggins). Such trades involving star players are relatively rare in the NFL.

Portis' first carry playing for Washington was against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Portis ran the ball 64 yards for a touchdown. During the 2005 season, on a 14-yard run against the Philadelphia Eagles on January 1, 2006, he broke the Redskins' franchise record for the most rushing yards in a season with 1,516 yards and tied the most 100+ yard games in a season (5). He ended the game with 112 rushing yards. By rushing for 1,516 yards, he became only the third runner in league history to reach 1,500 yards in three of his first four seasons.

Portis demonstrated his speed during the 2006 Redskins training camp, running a 4.26 second 40-yard dash. Shortly following that, on August 13, 2006, Portis suffered a partially dislocated shoulder in the first quarter of a Week 1 pre-season game.

In 2008, Portis fell just short of what would have been his fourth 1500 yard rushing season in seven years, finishing with 1487 yards and an average of 4.3 yards per carry. His season was highlighted by a five week stretch in which Portis gained nearly 700 yards, ending in an October 26 victory over the Detroit Lions. During this span Clinton Portis joined O.J. Simpson as the only players in NFL history to rush for at least 120 yards in five consecutive games twice in a career (Portis first did it over two seasons with four games with Denver in 2003 and one game with Washington in 2004). Portis led the NFL in rushing as late as November 23 before nagging injuries and limited playing time slowed him down. Nevertheless, he started all sixteen games and was selected for the 2008 Pro Bowl. He was one of seven other U of Miami players to make the probowl that year.

7185.jpg2008 Carlos Rogers Jersey (vs. Arizona)





I like this jersey because it may be the best game Carlos Rogers played up to this point. At the end of the first quarter, during the first play of the Cardinals' drive with a first and 10 at their own 29 yard line, 'Los jumped on an Edgerrin James fumble on the Washington 34 yard line, ending the Cardinals drive, which resulted in a Suisham field goal four plays later. He also intercepted a Kurt Warner pass in the fourth quarter, ending the Cardinals drive, which resulted in a Santana Moss touchdown.

I got lucky and found some beautiful hi-res photo matches, suitable for printing and framing.

Note the tiny gold thread at the bottom of the "2" on the left shoulder.



Here, with twelve minutes left in the 4th quarter and the game tied at 17, Carlos makes a diving interception of Kurt Warner's pass (tipped by Leigh Torrence) at the Washington 43 yard line. Getting back to his feet, and avoiding a tackle by Fitzgerald, Rogers ran it back 42 yards to the Arizona 15. Two plays later, Washington scored the winning touchdown, making the deciding score 24-17. Redskins win.



The Cardinals weren't good enough to beat the Redskins, although they did manage to make it to the Superbowl that year. Carlos had another spectacular game @ Dallas the following week.

7185.jpg2008 Carlos Rogers Jersey (@ Dallas)


Although Shawn Springs was assigned to cover the Cowboys #1 receiver, Terrell Owens, Springs left the game with a calf injury in the middle of the third quarter. With a three point lead and the game on the line, the responsibility of covering T.O. on short to intermediate routes fell to Rogers. From that point forward, Rogers and the Washington defense held T.O. to two receptions on eight pass attempts, including three passes in a row from Tony Romo to T.O. into Rogers's coverage at the beginning of the 4th quarter - all incompletions. Redskins won 26-24 and the game was chosen as the NFL Films Game Of The Week. Rogers acquired 7 tackles (6 solo) during the game, which was the high for the team that day and Rogers' high for the entire year.






The bottom of the jersey is customized in a way I've never seen before. It's been rather crudely cut short, but not folded and hemmed as usually done. Instead, an elastic cord was sewn into the bottom edge, making it snug to the waist. As you can see in the above photo of 'Los covering TO, his jersey is not tucked in, but it is snug to his waist. This may have been an experiment of sorts, since his later jerseys weren't customized this way.

7185.jpg2008 Carlos Rogers Jersey (Sean Taylor 1-year Memorial game vs. Giants)


This "21" jersey was worn for one game in 2008 as a memorial to Sean Taylor's passing the year prior. He acquired five tackles during this game, tying his third-highest mark of the season.

It's hard to tell from the photos above, but this jersey was apparently shortened too far, so it was then lengthened.

Detail of upper left front shoulder:


Rogers played in all 16 regular season games for first time in his career in 2008, with 14 starts. He finished the season with 53 tackles (45 individual), two interceptions, 77 interception return yards and one fumble recovery.

AlbertHaynesworth_thumb.jpg2009 Albert Haynesworth Jersey (Week 1 @ Giants)





This is the first Redskins game jersey ever worn by Albert.

This jersey was sold to an ES member in early 2012.

4546.jpg2009 Mike Sellers Jersey



Below shows a repair on the right arm. It's unusual to have a repair on a number.


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ebay can be risky. Do you know of any other outlets to buy game worn jerseys?

Yeah, there are cheaters and counterfeiters on eBay. It's more of a risk to the noobs than to us veterans though. ;) There is a "Counterfeit Game Jerseys" thread that tracks some of those.

The team is currently using www.josportsco.com to market their game jerseys. They also usually have an annual collectors sale at the Stadium store during January, but sometimes they skip a year. They didn't have one this year. The team also sometimes sells gamers at the stadium during certain events.

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71 is the same number Albright had. Doubling up on numbers isn't unusual for pre-season. According to this, Cecere was released in late August, 2003.


The Cecere is cool because it has the GSS patch. ;)

Interesting that it appears the name is more bold on the more recent jersey.

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Cool idea! I will share my collection, and by that I mean my one game jersey. I am currently a poor college kid and cant afford a bunch of jerseys, but I will expand my collection when I can afford to.

I have a 2002 James Tuthill jersey. Not the greatest player lol, but the jersey was cheap and I liked it for other reasons.



Not a great pic, but you can kinda see that Tuthill didnt wear the tight sleeves.


I bought this a few years back at the "tent" sale at FedEx Field and it came with a team CoA.


The other reasons I liked this jersey were:

1. I have always liked the 2002 throwbacks, especially the sleeves with the spear.

2. 14 is my favorite number

3. I basically matches the first Redskins jersey I ever owned. I got a custom replica with my name and number (14) for Christmas in 2002, back when I was 12. Just another reason I like it.


The game jersey doesnt really show any signs of wear, but he was a kicker so I dont expect he saw a lot of action. Also, I believe that this was before the placed the stickers matching the jerseys to a specific game since it doesnt have one. Not positive about this, but I dont recall ever seeing a 2002 gamer with the sticker, I could be wrong tho.

Edited by Reddrummer
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Nice jersey. ;) You actually have a photo, that is awesome!

Anything unique is cool, IMO. That's a 2002 with the anni patch, plus it has the loose sleeves. Very few gamers have loose sleeves, so that makes it collectible, IMO. :)

Edited by Mark The Homer
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Here's a 2007 Todd Collins Gamer from our Playoff game vs. Seattle (same game as MTH's above). I like the jersey because Todd Collins put this team on his back, and helped us get into the playoffs. The heart and soul the Redskins showed after we lost ST was simply amazing, and made me very VERY proud of my team. And as MTH pointed out below, I have the game used pants to match. MTH also doesn't know that I REALLY wanted that Collin's 2007 TB uniform that he got, because I was a slacker and didn't buy it when I could have. :)


Here's a Jason Campbell 2008/09 Burgundy gamer vs. The Cowboys 9/28/08 - a WIN! What a great feeling it was to pull that one off, and piss every Cowpuke fan I know of off for MONTHS. I also have the Matching Cleats and Pants. I like this jersey because it has expanded, customized arms, and pretty good game use. The Cleats are hammered.


Here's another gamer of mine. It's from 2008/09's Skins vs. Giants Ring of Fame game (Induction of Sean Taylor). It's Chris Cooley's Burgundy Jersey with the 21 Patch. I really like this jersey because I was at that game, it was a miserable day and game, but it didn't take away from honoring one of our Greats- a day I'll never forget. In the 2007/08 Season, in honor of ST, the team wore White Jerseys with the 75th Anniversary Logo's and a black/white 21 patch (See above Todd Collins Jersey). They never wore burgundy with the 21 patch, until the next year when they honored him during the Giants game. The Burgundy and 21 Patch was only worn during one game, the induction of ST into the Ring of Fame. The Jersey is customized as you can see, there is no jock tag - as this jersey has been shortened. There are no other alterations that I can find. I have Game Worn pants and cleats to match as well.


Here's the one that started it all. It's a 2007/08 75th Anniversary Patched/21 Patched Fred Smoot vs. Dallas Cowboys on 12/30/2007. It was a huge win which propelled us into the playoffs. This jersey was the first one I ever purchased, and shows great game use.


Edited by Ned Flanders
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That is a great jersey. Dammit, I should have bought that baby. I would have, but Ned was too quick for me. I believe Ned got the pants too.

There are a lot of great things about this jersey - it has the anni patch, it has the 21 patch, it was used in a playoff game, it's a QB jersey, it is customized, etc.

Here's a nice photo-match of Ned's jersey - note the custom tailoring underneath the sleeves. Todd liked his sleeves super loose to keep his throwing arm unrestricted (so did Brunell and Campbell):


Edit: Photo match for the burgundy 21 Cooley (the dirt on the left side of the "4" matches):


Edited by Mark The Homer
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Awesome thread! I have a huge jersey collection, but only 1 gamer. The second should be comming in shortly.



From the 2006 game at the Giants. It's got some nice marks here and there. It is relatively clean except for the smell, I take it that Carlos did a horrible job at covering Plax that day :pfft:.

th_DSCF1304.jpg th_DSCF1301.jpg th_DSCF1302.jpg

or in this case, not tackling Tiki! http://uspresswire.com/image/2179778




th_DSCF1787.jpg th_DSCF1786.jpg th_DSCF1783.jpg


Edited by Jason Campbell 17 #1 fan
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Here's a 2007 Todd Collins Gamer from our Playoff game vs. Seattle (same game as MTH's above). I like the jersey because Todd Collins put this team on his back, and helped us get into the playoffs. The heart and soul the Redskins showed after we lost ST was simply amazing, and made me very VERY proud of my team.

Now that's a jersey with significant value there! Thanks for sharing...

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did we have another Hall for the 2006 season or is this mislabeled or something like that?

That is a DeAngelo jersey. Since DeAngelo joined the team late in the 2008 season, they must have used a 2006 jersey since 23 was his number and they had a 2006 #23 jersey available. It's not unusual for a player to be issued a jersey that was manufactured a year or two earlier - especially if he joined the team abruptly.

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Hey guys, is it offensive to ask how much you paid for them? I am wanting to buy one but don't want to pay too much. I guess what I am trying to figure out is how much is a reasonable price.

- It all depends on who you want! Prices really vary.

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