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WP: Salahis say White House stop with TV crew is a "coincidence."


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No. Please! Not again.

How else to react to the news that Tareq and Michaele Salahi were stopped by Secret Service in front of the White House as the Mexico state dinner was going on?

The infamous gatecrashers, whose presence at the last state dinner is still under investigation, were among four people in a stretch limo that was stopped after it ran a red light at 15th and Constitution NW around 8 p.m. Wednesday and then tried to turn into a restricted area at the Ellipse, according to Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan. They were stopped a few blocks away, at 17th and H, where the driver got a ticket.


I would have let them get three inches into the "restricted zone" and then arrested them and put them in jail for trespassing.... and if I was in a bad mood, I'd arrest them as spies trying to sneak into Federal property with recording equipment. After all, these idiots brought a camera crew with them.

At least they were stopped this time. The chutzbah these two have is amazing. Jailtime would do them good. I think Gitmo would be appropriate.

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slow news day, it must be

And the sad thing is that they are going to get what they want. Just saw a clip of them on the Today Show and it was announced they're being brought in for an interview on Tuesday.

These guys are criminals unless somehow their stories of a phantom invite turned out to be true.

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