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Not really sure where this should go but it didn't seem really relevant to just the Skins so I doubt it would be the place.

Anyway, as the Off-season is always quite a slow and boring period of time how 'bout something to spice it up? I've seen this used on other boards and when everyone starts getting involved it's monstrously fun.

The basic concept is people can form their own Front Offices to run a team. A group of people (maybe even just a single individual, but groups are preferred) basically fill out the respected slots of a team (GM, HC, OC, DC, they can continue to break down if they want more people). After thata drafts conducted with all current players in the league and the respective FO's are allowed to draft their own players, kinda like fantasy football. From their you match them up and have weekly matches, and an eventual Playoffs with a championship. I figure a mixture of half the community voting followed by maybe some simulation system would be best. Anyway, its a kind of in-depth tournament. If people show some interest, I can go much deeper into this if you'd like. As well, I'd need a wee bit of help with a few things as I couldn't set it all up by myself. XD

So, anyone up for it?

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