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DANNY OWNERHIP HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! verbally abuse me if u want but open your eyes and ears, we are an EASY win for every enemy, the PHUCKING IGGLES

are gonna eat us alive. MOTHER PHUCKING INCOMPETENT SNYDER AND INCOMPETENT SPURRIER we are lucky for 4- 12

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Well I'm not ready to get rid of Snyder. As owner he is willing to spend money and there is no doubt that he wants to win. Maybe you can criticize him for chosing the wrong coach, but the same can be said for about 28 other owners.

When he chose Schottenheimer as coach, Schottenheimer was the best coach available at that time.

When he chose Spurrier, SS was probably the best coach available at that time. Although you could probably argue that Parcells was the best coach, Parcells I doubt would have coached in Washington.

While it is true Schottenheimer didn't work out, and Spurrier is a question mark who may also fail, Snyder went for the best coaches money could buy at the time.

Maybe you have to be lucky. When Bethrard chose Joe Gibbs, everyone at the time said "Joe," ..... Joe Who?

I'm not ready to dump Snyder, although this could turn out to be another long season, while Ramsey develops. :(

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Oh I don't have anything against Snyder, Why should you?

He gives this team anything they ask for. Need more speed? BANG.

What we need from him now is some Defensive Line help, and you know what? We'll get it.

Spurrier I am not so sold on, he needs to wise up and learn that we do need to run the ball more. Its not like we need to turn into a running team, but Steve, at least run SOMETIMES.

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