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Official game thread: New England at Washington.


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Right as I turn the channel to the local channel on DriecTV out of Richmond VA to get the game, the station is off the air due to what appears to be a lighting strike after looking at the weather radar


I am forced to watch the play-by-play on NFL.com

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1st and 10

Canidate runs for minimal yardage

2nd and 8 passes for almost 8 yds stopped by roman phifer

3rd and 1 Canidate runs for first down reaches the 42

1st and 10 play fake passes to Gardner on a turn in pattern.

1st and 10 at pats 43

empty backfield pass incomplete short hop to rock cartwright

2nd and 10 Ramsey hit as he through by Vrable

3rd and 10 [ass to Coles 1stdown on sliding catch inside the 15

1st and 10 at 14 Audible, playaction, pressure forces pass int

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