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Smoke and Mirrors...

Dirk Diggler

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I was thinking today how it's been a long time since we won a game with Smoke and Mirrors. How long? That's what I've been trying to figure out.

It's a very subjective question - the best way to phrase it I guess is "when was the last time we pulled one out that we had no business winning?" A game where we get dominated and because of a lucky bounce or great special teams play - pull one out of our A$$?

No, I am not talking about an upset victory. We've beaten teams who were favored over us. But to my recollection - we deserved to win those recent contests because we played better. I guess if I have to quantify it - maybe a game where we were outgained by at least 100 yards, had more turnovers, more penalites, etc but won anyway.

Now I can remember losing a bunch of games this way, just can't remember winning any this way. Good teams seem to be able to pull this off with some frequency. Thanks in advance.

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wins in last three seasons:

2000 last year with Norv, approximately in order, as best I can recall:

Carolina- outplayed them

NYGiants- outplayed them

Philadelphia 1- possible candidate, though we outplayed them in terms of total offense (I think), we got a couple of breaks. We were down by 7 late in the 4th, but driving for a score. BJ throws an INT, but it is fumbled back to us on the same play. We score on a Hicks three yard run to the front right corner of the end zone. When Philly gets the ball back, McNabb throws a terrible ball right at Darrell Green which he returns to about the twenty. Then Stephen Davis carries the ball down to about the 4, fumbles, but is ruled down by contact. Michael Husted makes a 20 yarder to win it.

Tampa Bay- outplayed them big time, almost lost

Jacksonville- Connell goes for 270 yards and 3 TDs or something like that, outplayed them big time.

Baltimore- outplayed them

St. Louis- outplayed them, albeit with unlikely occurences such as an onside kick, and a late safety by Bruce

Arizona- outplayed them

2001, Martyball, again, approximately in order:

Carolina- maybe a candidate, they threw the game away, but in the final analysis, I'd say we outplayed them.

NYGiants- outplayed them in a shootout

Seattle- outplayed them

Denver- outplayed them

Philly- outplayed them, Andy Reid failed two fourth down tries, a pitiful game for them

Arizona 1- outplayed them

New Orleans- embarassed them

Arizona 2- outplayed them

2002, Spurrier's first go:

Arizona- outplayed them

Tennessee- outplayed them

Indy- outplayed them

Seattle- outplayed them

St. Louis- outplayed them

Houston- outplayed them

Dallas- utterly dominated them yet nearly manged to throw it away.

If you want me to go into all the ones where we outplayed teams and lost, I think you'll find there are several more examples of those games.

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Beating the Super Bowl champion Rams on Monday Night in 2000.. Jeff George was flawless and Bruce Smith got 4 sacks.

For the last 'pull it our of your a$$' game, how about Lavar returning that INT vs Carolina to spark the comeback that in turn sparked a 5 game win streak. We had no business winning that game, they had been shoving it down our throats with the run all day and for some reason stopped running and decided to pass.

This kind of fits, and is a great story. I read this from a radio interview with Tony Banks.. true? I dunno, but here's how it goes.

In 2001 when we went into Denver and beat them, Banks got knocked out of the game early on, and Kent Graham had to play. Michael westbrook caught like 11 passes for 110 yard and 2 TD, remember?

Well, Banks said the receiver in his helmet never got switched over to Graham's helmet. Jimmy Raye was calling plays to Tony Banks, who was laid out in the trainers room. Graham winged it and called his own plays all day.

Explains why he hooked up with Westbrook so much, they did it schoolyard, and beat the Broncos at home.

Ha ha.


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to me smoke and mirrors is what the Patriots did to the Rams in the Super Bowl two years ago :)

I don't know I have seen a Redskin team in the past 12 or 13 years be that well prepared and ready to disguise weaknesses and take advantage of what to almost everyone looked like a superior opponent.

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