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QB Carousel remarks bogus...


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I've been reading a couple of threads and I have to say that most of the anti-Redskin sentiment I've seen this summer and, I guess, most of last year involve some derivative of the term "musical quarterbacks" and indict Spurrier for his tendency to have a quick hook with his QBs.

I'm as firm a believer as anyone that you need to have one QB that's going to be THE guy for your offense, but I take exception to these critics on the premise that I don't believe that they have thoroughly addressed possible alternatives to what Spurrier did last year.

Let's face it, whether many of us wanted to admit it or no, having the bottom two thirds of the previous year's Chicago Bears depth chart as our viable veteran starting QB options was clearly a recipe for disaster. Neither player was able to string together two consistent efforts, shoot, even average efforts, consecutively throughout all of the chances they were given.

As fans, I don't guess that any of us held out any hope that we were riding to the playoffs on the wings of Wuerffel or Matthews and personally, I was thrilled to see Ramsey get the opportunities he did.

What seems to have been lost in the shuffle by the sportswriters who love to call Spurrier a quick hook guy, is that we actually saw 1, 2, and 3 on the depth chart respectively, not out of some whimsical string of decisions from Spurrier, but from injury forcing out first Matthews, then Wuerffel.

Based on Ramsey's performance in the Titans game, while Matthews and Wuerffel were sidelined with injuries mind you, who could criticize Spurrier for staying with him against New Orleans and Green Bay? Now, I will concede that Ramsey's performances in those two games left us with many questions about his maturity and his ability to lead a team so early in his career, but in my mind it was an experiment that had to be made.

Spurrier, after these games, realized that the season was hanging in the balance, we still had a shot at making the playoffs, and that our best chance was that one of our veterans would come through for us. Unfortunately, neither of them could, and once we were left out of playoff contention, we returned to the player who actually factored in to our future plans.

I guess the point I'm making here, if any, is that given the situation we had at QB last year, I can't say as I really understand how things could have been handled more appropriately, (aside from having a competent veteran in place before the season, but that option was long gone) and the future will tell whether Spurrier truly has a quick hook, or whether his previous actions were only out of absolute necessity, which I still believe to be the case.

How do you avoid a quick hook last year? I know I'd have had one, if I were coaching.

I'd just like to see him stick with Ramsey this year consistently, and I fully expect it, barring some particularly atrocious play. Hopefully he'll shed this, in my mind, unfairly acquired reputation of having a quick hook now that he has a QB that is ready and a viable NFL starter.

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O Great One, for the most part I agree with you. There were perfectly defensible reasons for virtually every QB change last year. If you wish to find fault - and you probably should - it is in the lack of quality at that position, not the attempt to squeeze blood out of a rock.

My only difference would be, I would not have re-inserted Wuerfful later in the season. But hey, he beat the Rams, didn't he?

If the o-line is truly as porous as the first game hinted, there might be a move to RJ. But if we're choosing our QBs for their feet instead of their arms, we're sunk anyway.

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Damm, that was a great post!!! :applause:

This year, I feel Spurrier will have Ramsey so far ahead of what a second year Qb's should be!! Reason being is..Spurrier never gave up on Ramsey in any game he started last year... No matter how poor he played he made him sling that ball out there and gain experience!! Spurrier could have pulled him so many times in games its not funny, but he stood by Ramsey and gave him all the experience he could.... This will PAY DIVIDENDS!!

What if, Spurrier never played Ramsey last year??? Where would Ramsey be today if he had not had some NFL experience??? Would we be calling on more GATORS?? Grossman???

I am Soooooooo glad we have Ramsey!!! Like it or not, Spurrier called it the way it should have gone down!! IMO...

What a tuff crowd we are Huh... :notworthy:

I believe Spurrier is what we needed to gain back those glory days!!

Time will tell Huh!! :cheers:


Skin 4 Life

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You poor misguided skins fan. You are still so young to the SOS game that you imagine facts, Facts, FACTS should have something to do with what the sports media write and say about Spurrier and QBs? I wrote about this issue often when SOS was the UF coach.

Of the 12 years SOS was at UF, he played one QB the entire year in 6 of those years. (One year I am including is technically not true as he started Eric Kresser over Wuerffel in a late season cream puff game to reward Kresser for staying at UF that year. But there was no doubt this was not a demotion but a heck it is only N. Ill type move.) Many of his other moves particularly involving Doug Johnson and Jesse Palmer were caused by injury. Neither of them stayed healthy an entire season at UF.

I could list other QB changes and about half the SOS QB moves at UF were caused by injury and in one case suspension. But why go on. Facts have nothing to do with what the media writes and says about this issue.

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