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What's the best option to get to FedEx Field from Philly?


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I'll be going to the Skins/Giants game on 9/21. (Thanks Chief Skin). :D

I live about 30 min. outside of Philly in Willow Grove, PA. My question is what is my best option of going to the game? Should I drive? If so how long should I give myself to get there? Or, should I park somewhere and hop on a train? Are there shuttles from the station to FedEx Field?

Any info you all can offer is much appreciated.

Thanks so much!


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If you're talking about taking a train, I don't believe there's a shuttle directly from Union Station. From Union Station you'd take the subway to either Addison Road (Blue Line) or Landover (Orange Line) and take a shuttle from there.

Of course, if you want to tailgate you'll have to drive. Its a straight shot down 95, then east around the beltway (actually its both 95 and 495 at that point) to the stadium at exits 17 to 15. Cash parking I think is $25 this year, and its sort of walkable depending on the weather and how many consumables you've consumed. There's a shuttle bus I think most opt for.

In the past people parked for free at Landover Mall, right next to the stadium. The last couple of years they made walking from there to the stadium difficult (you had to detour thru the woods) but at least the mall didn't care. I've heard this year the mall doesn't want fans parking there, but you'll get a better answer after the season starts.

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I will call u but here is the way I go 95 south to new carrolton metro exit off of 95 (bring a couple beers hoagies) tailgate at the metro while listening to pregame on radio, get on train and take to landover metro there will be redskin shuttle buses to fedex

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