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TSN's Weekly Skins Report (8/15)


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From our good friend Paul from the former capital of the Confederacy (is that allowed to be said here?):


QB Rob Johnson gets more comfortable with the offense each day. Johnson has had to adjust to the idea that throwing to the first open man is not the premise of coach Steve Spurrier's offense. Spurrier wants the quarterback to look deep first, wait for plays to develop and look for open areas instead of open receivers. Johnson is beginning to get a grasp of that.


Tight ends are not expected to be primary receivers in Spurrier's offense, but they have to catch passes on occasion. That continues to be a problem. TE Zeron Flemister drops more passes than he should because he takes his eye off the ball before it's in his hands. TEs Robert Royal and Leonard Stephens have yet to show they are adequate receivers, although Royal is making progress.


SS Matt Bowen is an aggressive player who fires up his teammates with his hard hitting. He has good speed in coverage and is capable of tracking down running backs who break into the open. Bowen takes good angles in pursuit and has a knack for being around the ball. He's very bright and has picked up the defense quickly.

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