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Fox News Reports" Three Sniper Shootings"


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Here's the article:

Three Fatally Shot in West Virginia

Friday, August 15, 2003

CHARLESTON, W. Va. — In shootings bearing an eerie resemblance to the sniper-style attacks that plagued the Washington, D.C., region last fall, two people were killed in separate incidents Thursday, just four days after a similar killing of another man.

A man and a woman were shot outside Kanawha County (search) convenience stores late Thursday.

Kanawha County authorities said the shootings appeared to be random but that a single shooter could be responsible for the deaths. Police have not identified the weapon or weapons used.

At about 10:20 p.m. Thursday, a woman was shot while pumping gas at a SuperAmerica store in Campbells Creek (search). County dispatchers said witnesses heard a gunshot but saw no one, reported West Virginia's Charleston Gazette.

The woman's body was covered with a sheet as she lay dead next to her red Pontiac Firebird.

The second shooting happened a little more than an hour later — while police were investigating the woman's death — 10 miles away outside a Go-Mart in Cedar Grove (search) on U.S. 60.

That person died and the body was lying covered with a sheet early Thursday, while a maroon pickup truck was parked nearby in the lot, the Gazette reported.

George Carrier Jr. 34, of South Charleston, was shot in the head and killed Sunday night while using a pay telephone outside a Charleston Go-Mart.

Lt. J.S. Bailes, Kanawha County sheriff's spokesman, had few details about the killings.

But all the victims were killed late at night while at gas stations and all of them reportedly died from single gunshot wounds to the head. Authorities have not confirmed that.

There are apparently striking differences in witness descriptions of the possible suspect's vehicle.

Late Thursday, police across the area were alerted to increase patrols around stores with gas pumps. Police are looking for a black pickup truck with gold trim seen leaving the Cedar Grove store and a dark-green or blue Chevrolet Corsica from the Campbells Creek shooting.

Kanawha County sheriff's deputies were questioning store employees and customers late Thursday but would not release any further information.

Campbells Creek resident Rick Clay told the Gazette that his 16-year-old son, Cody Ryan Clay, had tried to resuscitate the Speedway victim. Cody and his grandmother said they heard one shot and ran to the store from their adjacent residence.

Rand resident Arietta King said she saw a blue Chevrolet Corsica go speeding past her on Campbells Creek Drive, about a half-mile from the store, the Gazette reported. She then came upon the woman’s body, lying on the ground next to her car.

The Charleston Daily Mail reported Friday that the father of the slain woman has identified her as Jeannie Patton of Campbells Creek.

Larry Patton said he learned of his daughter's death from friends who apparently saw her body on a television news report.

WCHS-TV reported that Thursday's male victim has been identified as Okey Meadows Junior.

Kanawha County Chief Deputy Phil Morris voiced concern Friday about the resemblance between the deaths and last year's sniper shootings in the nation's capital region.

Residents were advised Friday not to travel alone to convenience stores and to keep their eyes open, Morris said.

The shootings came less than a year after two snipers randomly shot men and women of all backgrounds and races in Washington and its suburbs. Many of the victims were performing everyday tasks like pumping gas and walking through parking lots at Home Depot and Michael's craft store.

The D.C. sniper shootings left 10 people dead and three others wounded over a three-week span.

Lee Boyd Malvo (search), 18, and his alleged accomplice, 42-year-old John Allen Muhammad (search), are being charged in the case.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Hey, maybe this time the police chief won't have a hard-on for a PC profile of the killers and won't let them slip through the net several times like Moose the racist did.

And maybe if they find out the perp's name is Muhammad, they won't continually use his old non-legal name so as not to have the public make the obvious link.

Ooops, I thought I was on Earth X for a minute.

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