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Do we have some people on this board who play Flag Football?

I played a couple of years ago in the Fairfax League, but I'm looking for something in Arlington. I have a group of people here from my work who are interested plus some friends.

Basically we like the rules and game play of Fairfax, but the fields are a long drive away. Arlington would be perfect. thanks.

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I play for a team in the NVFFA, which is based out of Manassas. Due to field permit issues they have been scheduled most of the games in the Clinton, MD area for the last couple seasons. It's not that far of a ride from Arlington to Clinton. If you’re interested I can give you more info.

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Clinton is a couple minuets across from the Wilson bridge. If you find a MD based team, all most all of your games will be in Clinton. My team is currently full and we will be moving up to A league.

What you can do is go on their message board and post a message.


Let them know what league you want to play in, how many guys you have with you, what positions you and your friends play and just make sure that you mention that you are interested in playing in the C league for an MD team

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