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A little news on the Champ Front

Thinking Skins

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From http://story.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=179&p=2&c=167614&ssf=1&RequestedURL=http%3a%2f%2fstory.theinsiders.com%2fa.z%3fs%3d179%26p%3d2%26c%3d167614

Here is a small tidbit of what we have in tonight's summmary edition. The agent for Champ Bailey will be in town this weekend and plans to talk to the Redskins on one of those days. Jack Reale will be at Saturday's preseason game against New England and will talk to club officials at some point this weekend. He termed the discussions as ''very preliminary.'' In other words, don't get too excited about his presence just yet.

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i'd love to see champ signed soon, if for no other reason, so that i could go over to gang green and throw it in their face after they've been talking about signing champ next year, and our "salary cap problems". jets fans...ugh.

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