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Here you go bud


The Wonders of Socialized Medicine, the Horrors of British Teeth

We have to salute the New York Times, for a change. Though it frequently agitates for the feds to impose socialized medicine on Americans, it is honest enough to expose the nightmare of the United Kingdom's government health system.

In one of the funniest episodes of "The Simpsons," a deranged dentist terrifies children into improving their brushing and flossing by forcing them to page through the ghastly "Big Book of British Smiles." Americans have long wondered why our English friends have such horrible teeth. Even the likes of Tony Blair and Prince Charles have choppers like those of a Detroit crack addict or San Francisco vagrant.

Here's one reason: The so-called National Health Service has wreaked havoc on the U.K.'s dental care.

The Times reports that things are so bad that 600 dentally challenged Welshmen laid siege to one dental office in Carmarthen in a desperate effort to get an appointment. People came from 90 miles away, pitched tents and even attempted bribery.

The article features a frightening photo of an unfortunate man named Steven Ackworth attempting a grin.

"My crowns all fell off," he said. "I got some really bad dentistry, and it ruined all my root work. I have no front teeth and one pair of molars, which meet on the right side of my mouth. I can't bite anything."

The dentist in Carmarthen had to turn away 300 angry citizens.

"Because they are paying national insurance, people feel they are entitled to service," said Heather Davies, the office manager.

Imagine that. What nerve, expecting to get what you pay for.

What remains of the free market is keeping the U.K. from losing its last molar and bicuspid. More and more docs are fleeing for private practice.

"Dentists do go private because they don't have to work at the same frenetic pace they do at the NHS, and there is a better quality of care for the dentists," said Stuart Geddes, director of British Dental Association.

Whereas an American dentist sees 12 patients a day, Britain's government dentists must tend to 30, 40 or even 50 mouths a day, the newspaper says.

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Uh, why so worried abou Newsmax? You think because it's Newsmax that means the point doesn't stand about the British National Socialized Medicine system(or Canada's for that matter?!)

This article could just as easily appeared(and has, in various iterations) in Reason, the Cato Journal, Heritage or any other number of pro-free enterprise institution or periodical.

The British system is a joke, and so is Canada's. Ours is becoming more of a joke the more we embrace elements of socialized medicine(medicare, etc) that distort pricing for health care and how people who have nothing to risk by going to a doctor for a stubbed toe because they have insurance are also distorting the market.

Funny how education and health care, the two most actively intervened in sectors by govt, are the two most distorted markets and the most expensive.

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As I have said before, I lived several years in the socialist utiopia of Denmark. While I was there Clinton came to check out their supposedly great system. I am here to tell you that it *in best Sam Kinison voice* SUUUUUCKS. You will be healed by a miracle before you will ever get to see a doctor. And take into consideration this is with a population of roughly five million people. It could NEVER work here. I don't need to read any Newsmax story to know that, I have lived it myself. I will pay for my own healtcare thank you very much.

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Denmark is very good when it comes to Euthanasia.

Was in England for two weeks and one of my shipmates said the dental was great.

Then again he was on a US air force base getting his teeth cleaned and a filling done.

Bad teeth arent restricted to England in europe but they do seem to have monopoly on it like France does on B.O.

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