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Fred Lane's wife confesses to shooting death of ex-RB


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Fred Lane's Widow Pleads Guilty to Death

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - The widow of NFL running back Fred Lane pleaded guilty Thursday to voluntary manslaughter for shooting him to death three years ago as he walked into his home.

Deidra Lane could get more than 19 years in prison. Sentencing was set for an unspecified date in September.

``I would like to apologize to the Lane family,'' a weeping Lane, 28, said at the hearing Thursday. ``I'm sorry for the loss and the pain this has caused.''

Authorities said she ambushed her 24-year-old husband at their Charlotte home in July 2000, hoping to cash a $5 million life insurance policy. Lane and her attorney had said she was a battered wife who shot her husband in self-defense.

In an unrelated case, Diedra Lane pleaded guilty last October to a 1998 scheme in which she and a bank teller stole more than $41,200 from the bank. She was sentenced to the minimum four months on the federal conspiracy charge.

08/14/03 13:05

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I think the idea is that was a bogus arrest. She was the one, according to 'sources,' that beat her husband. That's why he was leaving her. In this country, all someone has to do is call the cops on you for 'spousal abuse'(if you're a man) it doesn't mean you're guilty.

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I'm here in Charlotte, and remember it all too well. Many of my cop friends assured me that she had killed him in cold blood. One even telling me two days after the killing that one entry wound was into the back of Lane's head. There was some question if a jury of her "peers" would convict on murder, being that the police had been called out to the house several times for domestic disturbances. They both had accused the other of spousal abuse.

People I know who have had contact with her say she is and always was bad news, and tried to sway Lane away from marrying her. She was many years his senior.

As far as a player, Lane, who came from tiny Lane College burst onto the Panthers roster as a rookie free agent, out performing all other back-ups when Biakabutuka got hurt, and played his way into the starting lineup. He was a solid, if unspectacluar, back, who should have had a solid career as an NFL back-up and special teamer, at worst.

Lane's biggest claim to fame in the NFL came during a Panthers defeat of the NY Jets when, after a TD run, he dropped to the turf and did the electric worm.

Just another in a too long line of sad stories to come out of Charlotte in the late 90's early 00's involving its sports stars. May Dierdre rot in prison, then in hell.

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