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being the ultimate brown noser with season tickets.

I gave my preseason ones to my boss who's a big Pats fan. Basically I figure I'll see them play when it counts and this weekend is a good time to hang by the pool, play lots of madden and spend time with the lady. After Sept 4th. Its all over. I'll be MIA anything not football related.

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Originally posted by Candy

Oh my, we have an Extremely young fan. ;)

Welcome Josh, and enjoy the game.

No, YOU have an extremely young fan. Josh is merely young. :)

Have fun, Josh. I'm envious. I'm from Arlington, and the last Redskins home game I attended was in 1988 at RFK, before you were born; the last game of theirs I saw live was in 1989 at the L.A. Coliseum - we lost to the Raiders. :mad:

EDIT- WTF am I thinking. Redskinette Vic was the one with the baby! Sorry Candy. I need some sleep! :doh:

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You disappoint me, Bufford. You have the opportunity to watch the game, and you're not? Think of all the poor souls who have to trek to the sports bar to watch it.

Maybe I misunderstood. Did you mean you're going to lounge around the pool and still watch the game on TV? If so, All is forgiven. If not, shame, shame, shame. :nono:

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Originally posted by Bufford T Justice

Ok Josh......free advice.

Don't joke around with a thread that says "Redskins cut Fred Smoot" or "Skins bring back Shar Pordanish and cut Jon Jansen"

stuff like that would get you the clown.


at least my post was a happy one, bring back Shar is just sad :(

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Originally posted by Mick

What's kind of sad is the 11 year old kid speaks with better grammar, spelling, and intelligence than a lot of adult posters I know. Course, most of them arent Skins fans.

:laugh: :rotflmao:

then it looks like public schools are working :cool:

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