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Ok, so I had a little free time yesterday and did a little research. Here are some career playoff stats of three WRs


WR#1 12/41/ 749/18.2/8

WR#2 11/58/826/14.2/6

WR#3 15/69/1062/15.4/7

Only one of these guys is in the HOF. Who is it, and who are the other two?

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Yes and no. :)

Let me take this opportunity to point out that Monk's career YPC average is two yards HIGHER in the playoffs than the regular season. Odd for a guy that supposedly dissappeared in big games.

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the sad truth is if that had been him instead of Alvin Garrett catching the TD from Theismann in the 1982 Super Bowl he would already be in the HOF :(

the media voters ARE that shallow whatever their comments about the 'integrity' of the game and holding players to a 'high' standard for admission, etc...........

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