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Tandler's Take - Hue Jackson

Hue Jackson at camp

By Rich Tandler -- Posted Aug 13, 2003

When you attend a Redskins practice session, it’s not hard to find Hue Jackson. All you have to do is listen. "Hold on to the ball. The ball's the most precious thing in the game."

“Catch the ball with your hands, keep it off your pads.”

Wearing a burgundy long-sleeve sweat shirt in intense sun, high humidity and 90+ degree heat, Jackson is in constant motion.

The Redskins offensive coordinator is giving guard Randy Johnson and hand to get up off the Redskins Park turf. He’s running 30 yards upfield to talk to rookie Sultan McCullough when the back slipped and fell after catching a pass. And he’s clapping his hands, always clapping his hands.

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I'd love for that to happen but you know how this goes. We win a championship, or even go far in the playoffs for a year or two, and we become the hot team to raid coordinators from, especially with Jackson's experience with an in-vogue passing offense.

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