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TV's @ FedEx Field


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I myself, have never brought a hand held TV into Fed-Ex (don't have one), but I have seen others who have. At one game, this guy(not a reguler) was sitting 3 rows in front of me and I got to see some of the replays on his TV. The reception looked good. This of cource, was from the Club seats, so I guess the higher up you are in the staduim, the better the reception.

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Depends where you sit. One season I had a boss whose daughter was a redskinette, and I got a bunch of free tickets to RFK, but the seats were behind the uprights. When the ball was down at the other end of the field, you saw NOTHING. Everyone in that section had TVs with them for that purpose.

But, when the ball was at your side of the field, the players were so close it was you were there playing free safety. Pretty cool.

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