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Whither Larry Allen: is he finished?


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There have been numerous threads on theCowboys.net about this, and they're starting to get pretty nervous over there. I had just assumed Allen would be back at full strength this season. Losing him would be a brutal loss for that line.

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Originally posted by SlinginSammy

What's so impressive about him is he has one of the best bench press maxes ever recorded in the world. He broke the 700 pound BP mark two years ago.

Doesn't mean much if you cant get on the field.

Cowboys fans still crow about Allen when they talk about their line. His wheels are completely coming off. He's only just over 30, but he has tons of miles on him.

He's been chronically overweight for the past three years, compounded by lax conditioning programs of soft coaches. He was one of the best at his position for years, but that new contract he signed before the beginning of last season making him the highest paid guard in the league was a mistake.

He has the same problem Tre has (although he played at a high level for many more years than Tre). Never could keep the weight down. Eventually the wheels of the ankles, knees, and stamina come off.

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Originally posted by goldenster95

Can you imagine if he somehow didn't make it or suffers a dropoff in play?


For me, sadly, it is not far from possible. bill has already elluded to the fact that he had been fooling himself 'about a couple of people.' Larry may have the 'I can lift more weight than anyone in team history' award, but benching the seven hundred pounds time and again, may well have ruined his ankles, shoulders, flexibility....the list grows long and more worrisome for Cowboy fans. Reports are that LA is looking better, but his mobility is just off, to put it midly. Who Know? Alls I know is, I'm pretty sure we'll beat the Foresk...ah.. Redskins..

Love ya folks and see ya in the bottom of the standings.

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