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WP: Moore Out 2-3 Weeks With Knee Injury


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Moore Out 2-3 Weeks With Knee Injury

By Mark Maske

Washington Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, August 12, 2003; 12:41 PM

An MRI exam taken this morning confirmed what the Washington Redskins suspected last night: Center Larry Moore suffered a torn posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during Monday's practice. The injury will keep him sidelined for two to three weeks, club officials said.

The damage was not quite as bad as expected, though, and Redskins officials said they were even more confident that Moore will be healed and back in the lineup for the regular season opener on Sept. 4 against the New York Jets at FedEx Field.

"He should be back by the regular season," Redskins Coach Steve Spurrier said.

The Redskins hope Moore will return for the exhibition season finale a week earlier at Jacksonville. In the meantime, they plan to use Wilbert Brown and Lennie Friedman at center.

Brown spent last season with the Redskins after being signed as a potential backup for Moore, but received all his playing time at guard. He made nine starts in the regular season, one at left guard and eight at right guard. Friedman was signed by the Redskins in March as a free agent to bolster the team's depth at guard and center. He spent the past four seasons with the Denver Broncos, making 22 starts in 33 games.

"Wilbert played a bunch last year, and Lennie is a guy we want to work at center some also," Spurrier said. "That happens. That happens in the NFL all the time, one of your linemen gets hurt."

Brown worked with the first-team offense during this morning's practice and likely will be the starter in Saturday night's exhibition game against the New England Patriots at FedEx Field.

If Moore's injury had been more serious, the Redskins likely would have given strong consideration to moving Dave Fiore from left guard to center and inserting rookie Derrick Dockery, their third-round draft selection, as a starter at guard. Dockery filled in for Fiore at left guard during this morning's practice. Fiore remained sidelined by a sprained AC joint in his shoulder but said he might resume practicing this afternoon.

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This isn't a good thing but if I had to choose one of the starting 5 to get injured like this, it would be Moore.

He isn't one of the new guys so it's not like he "needs" the preseason work.

If it was Jansen or Samuels I would worry about Ramsey getting killed before September 4th.

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Originally posted by medicio

Hopefully he will recover quickly, center is probably the one spot where a change can happen without to much upheavel as long as the snaps to Ramsay stay good. QB snap is probably the only thing we take for granted.

I think a lot of people do take the snap for granted. But watching the Vikings every week up here in MN, you start to appreciate that Center to QB handoff more and more. Of Dante's 23 fumbles, something like a 1/4 were during the snap.

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Originally posted by Henry

The fact that they're not moving linemen around is a good sign. Obviously they expect Moore back sooner rather than later, and they want the rest of the linemen to be comfortable at their spots.

Ding Henry. You win a prize :).

The key mistake we made last year in the offseason was pulling Rod Jones out of the left guard spot to cover for Chris Samuels in the preseason. This meant changing two starters to fill one void and it meant setting back Jones, who could not fully be expected to have picked up left guard while being worked at left tackle for three or four weeks until Samuels came back.

While Fiore would likely have to be considered the center if we lost Moore for the year, it would be damaging to the team to move him to center now. Say what you want about Wilbert Brown, but he is better built for center than guard in this league. I'd rather work Brown and Friedman in while letting Moore recover than hurting Fiore's play next to Samuels while learning the position in this offense.

Perhaps the team learned something from that mistake a year ago.

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On the other hand, does anyone have much confidence in Wilbert Brown... I don't remember him doing very many positive things. I'd be more for Lenny holding the fort. Wilbert seemed pretty much like a sieve last year when he filled in at guard.

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