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Originally posted by Kilmer17

Im not either, I just learned their secret way of asking if someone was. I've thought about it. But Im pretty happy with the memberships I have already. Anyone have any thoughts on them?

Both good and bad please?

That's what I was getting at... I didn't want to offend anyone by just coming right out and saying that...lol

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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

My grandfather was one. Dont know if I can become one but according to my mother I can. Any perks involved? :laugh:

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Originally posted by skinsfan44

What is a "Freemason", if you don't mine me asking.

Is it anything like the "Moose" (Lodge), which I am a member of.

Freemason's are a secret society that's not all that secret. There's a lot of debate as to what the real agenda of freemason's are. Some say they are christians, some say they are a satanic cult and so on...

Way back in the day, there were Knights Templar, they were protectors of the land and supposedly, a french king decided to wipe them out because they became too powerful. A few survivors were supposed to have fled to Scotland and hid, then forming the Freemasons.

Basically, the Freemasons are a network of people that look out for each other, you have a secret handshake and secret passwords etc... There have been alot of scandals involving Freemasons as well. In England, some judges were supposedly letting mason criminals off the hook for crimes and so on. Supposedly if a freemason cop pulls you over, you can "use the secret sign" to identify yourself and you wont get a ticket and so on....

The movie "From Hell" was about Jack the Ripper being a Freemason, they actually show a mason initiation in the movie.

My grandfather was pretty high up in the Freemasons but he died when I was 6. I remember it being important to him though. My brother is actually going through joining now, and of course he wants me to join, so I'm thinking about it.

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Last time I looked this was still America so join if it makes you happy.

It's also ok to not join. Are you so willing to submit to the will of others to become a part of something for a perceived benefit that may or may not manifest itself?

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Kilmer, no I'm not, but I am considering attempting to "join". My brother is going through the "confirmation" now.

Golgo, My grandfather (who passed away when I was six) was very active in it and I have always been interested.

My grandfather, that I'm named after, was a member of the Tall cedars of Lebanon (shriner). I'd like to join, but I'm not sure that I can memorize all that stuff. :dunce:

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