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their defense and special teams units are great, despite not having a shut-down corner. i really thought they would draft trufant this year, but it looks like gross could be special, so...

i have CAR as my number two rated defense/ST for my fantasy draft...

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Carolina is no joke this year. They seem to be a few players away from being a solid playoff team, mostly on the offensive side of the ball.

- They need a big-time QB or they need Del Homme or Weinke to become one.

- They need another threat at WR besides Muhammed.

- They need an recieving outlet. Perhaps D. Foster could fill that role if healthy enough. They will learn how much they will miss Walls as a 2nd or 3rd option.

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They need a great QB if they want to be more than a team that hovers around .500 and barely makes or misses the playoffs.

When has Davis ever carried a team deep into the playoffs? Never! The only time the skins went to the playoffs was when they had other offensive players playing well WITH Davis (Johnson, Alexander, Westbrook Connell).

The Panthers will only go so far relying completely on Davis, as the Skins did for so long.

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Carolina was not a joke last year. I've said before they are underatted. The South division will be the strongest division in the NFC once again in 2003. Look what atlanta did in pre-season to the Packers, 209 yards in the first qtr. when all starters were in.

This Carolina team reminds me of the 97 Bucs.

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Wrong brave

We rode into the playoffs on the back of S Davis.

It was the playaction passes with everyone concerned about us handing off to S Davis that made BJohnson, Westbroke and Connell look good in 99.

Where are westbroke, Connel and the overrated Alexander?

The constant was S Davis.

Heck dilfer on the bucs would have won the superbowl with the Bucs B Johnson isnt a franchise QB.

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Nope, it's not wrong.

The threat of the run surely helped the rest of the offense, but the rest of the offense STILL had to execute. Westbrook, Alexander and Connell may not have ended up with good careers but they played well that year. Same with Brad Johnson.

Carolina does not have a 2nd WR that will play as well as Connell did in '99. That will put more pressure on Muhammed. Carolina does not have a QB of Brad Johnson's caliber.

When teams stack the line to stop Davis, Carolina does not have the answers elsewhere in their offense that Washington did that year. Don't believe me? Just wait ... you'll see.

And, why wasn't Davis "alone" able to put Washington into the playoffs in any other years?

Nope, Carolina is making progress, but they need a few more players WITH Davis to be able to really make some noise, just like we did.

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