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Official game thread: Washington at Carolina.


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Cloman is in the game

1st and 10

Waffle unde pressure pass incomplete flag on play holding #68

1st and 20

Sultan Mac runs offtackle brought down by jersey after 3 yd gain

2nd and 17

Sultan Mac runs for 8

3rd and 9

pass to R Flowers broken up

4th down

punt to wilkin caught and he is flatten after two yd return

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Jackson is trying to keep things under wraps with Wuerffel in there. The rest of this game is going to be running plays, short passes to the backs and a play action pass or two.

Playing Wuerffel means ripping about 30% of the passing plays out of the gameplan because he simply can't make the throws.

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What the heck is the difference from the way it is now? Judgement calls are ALWAYS left up to individual refs. What is the difference between calling PI or intentional PI. Even if the guy screws up and calls it intentional you end up with the same result you have now. If you think it's intentional but the ref says it's not, you are still 15 yards up the field with a first down.

My point is a big penalty is NOT a big play. Teams that get 50 yards on one play should do it on their own merit and not because of a penalty.

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Many thanks to those that posted updates for us out of area guys...

Heading out to an Irish bar in Boca...hopefully we get a few garbage TDs to make things respectable...

Nov 23rd is Skins at Dolphins...everyone reading this deserves a vacation at one point or another...fly/drive down and tear up the Pro with me that day...

Go Skins!


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