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Official game thread: Washington at Carolina.


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Deep pass incomplete pass interference on #37 Jimoh

1st and 10 pass goes for very minimal gain

2nd and 9

Weinke scrambles away from sack throws ball away

3rd and 9

Weinke is back waits for wife to buy shoes finds open reiver for 1st down

1st and 10

pass batted in the air and baker of panthers still catches the ball Cowsette batted the ball

2nd and 9 skins 14

weinke pass goes incomplete good cover by Wade Davis number 36 on fade pattern

3rd and 9

T.O. panthers

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If pass interference is a judgement call, then intentional pass interference should be a judgement call as well. I've long been an advocate of 15 yard PI penalties with intentional PI going to the spot of the foul. How can you tell an intentional penalty? Same way they do in the NBA. Why do you give a team 50 yards because two guys get their feet tangled or the DB, who is in good position, gets a little agressive going for the ball? Fifteen yards and an automatic first down are plenty.

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